BASF Metabolome Solutions GmbH

BASF Metabolome Solutions GmbH

BASF Metabolome Solutions GmbH is the expert service provider of mass spectrometry-based Biological Analytics for customers within and outside of BASF. We passionately deliver a wide variety of analytics-services for R&D and regulation of chemical products. With approximately 50 highly skilled employees we dedicate more than 22 years of expertise to your projects, including Metabolite Profiling, targeted analytics, plant services and know how in metabolism, biomarkers and chemical mode of actions. Operations are compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) enabling a variety of services for regulatory studies of chemicals and biotech products.

Our Track Record


profiling methods developed

> 1,100,000

biological samples analyzed to date


> 6,500

projects executed

> 30

patent families filed

> 80

publications on applications of Metabolite Profiling


in 2008

BASF Agro Science Award

in 2012

BASF Innovation Award

in 2018

worldwide first GLP-compliant Metabolite Profiling study executed