The Rehhütte farm estate is a state-of-the-art, efficient and profitable farm business growing high-quality wheat, rye, rapeseed, corn and sugar beet.

Managed according to the principles of “integrated cultivation,” the estate combines responsibility for a diverse and healthy environment with the commercial requirements of a modern agricultural operation.

Supported by state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience, the Rehhütte farm estate is an excellent partner for the research teams at BASF’s Agricultural Center in Limburgerhof. In addition, the Rehhütte is an ideal meeting venue for our customers from the agriculture industry around the world, as well as all other interested visitors.

Farm manager, Dirk Wendel carries out all tasks on the estate himself, from crop planning, soil tilling and sowing, to fertilizing, plant protection and produce marketing. Only at harvest time, does he call in outside support to help with harvesting the grain, rapeseed, corn, and sugar beet, and occasionally for harvesting logistics.


Overview of estate:

Winter wheat 290 ha yield 55 – 80 dt/ha
Winter rye 35 ha yield 45 – 70 dt/ha
Corn 55 ha yield 55 – 85 dt/ha
Sugar beet 60 ha yield 500 – 700 dt/ha
Winter rapeseed 40 ha yield 30 – 45 dt/ha

Position: Oberrhein, Rhein-Pfalzkreis, part of Limburgerhof

Height above sea level: 97 m

Annual rainfall: 550 mm

Annual hours of sunshine: 1,750 hours

Annual average temperature: 10.3 °C


Winter rapeseed – winter wheat/winter rye – corn – winter wheat/winter rye


BASF Rehhütte Farm Estate
Rehhütte 7
D-67117 Limburgerhof
Phone +49 (0) 621 60-0