Tough on dirt but gentle on the environment: O’right

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Stephen Ko founded O’right in 2002 with a vision of organic beauty. O’right commits to creating skin and hair care products from organically sourced ingredients, free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Even its packaging is environmentally friendly.  Certain packaging components are fashioned from coffee powders and contain a coffee seed: consumers can bury the package in soil and grow a coffee bush.

True to its promise, the company has earned global recognition and numerous sustainability awards for products which are healthy for people and the environment. But meeting expectations for functionality with only natural, sulfate-free ingredients can be a challenge. Consumers expect shampoo to create a rich foam, be rinsed off easily; and leave hair moisturized – all of which are normally delivered by sulfate-based surfactants. However, conventional sulfates can be quite aggressive to the skin and the scalp.  And the cleansing power of sulfates may cause irritation and itchiness, decreasing hair strength and dulling its color.

As O’right searched for mild, non-sulfate surfactants that could offer full functionality while meeting their eco-friendly commitment, they came upon BASF. As the largest provider of raw materials approved for natural and organic cosmetic products under the COSMetic Organic Standard (COSMOS), BASF was able to offer a 100% natural and biodegradable surfactant.

The BASF surfactant is derived from rewnewable raw materials such as starch and coconut oil, without any harmful by-products. Thus both the product and the production process have minimal environmental impact. Equally important, it delivers the excellent foam and cleansing power O’right sought without aggravating the scalp.

“With the growing consumer base and interconnected population through social media, consumers are getting more knowledgeable about the ingredients used in personal care products and become more conscious about responsible living.  This is all reflected in the growing demand for holistic protection, from simply looking good to wellness, plus the increasing concern about the origin, safety and sustainability of products. With our profound expertise in formulation and applications, fundamental research, we deliver solutions that work.  Speedy and continuous consumer response is now forcing FMCG companies to shorten their product development cycles; and “SPEED” is the key to success! We must be first and fast in our innovation, using our digitalization tools, to win in the market,” said Srikanth Vaduvur, Vice President, Personal Care Solutions, Asia Pacific.

 “The highest quality products for both consumers and the environment reflects O’right adhering to its “Green Lifestyle” concept throughout its operation.  Since 2008, O’right has maintained an “8 FREE” standard, where all products are free of 8 harmful chemicals.  O’right has also ignited a “Green Revolution”, defining the industry’s “green products” through Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, as well as ECOCERT & NATRUE Certified sustainable raw materials specifications, all with the support BASF as a leading and supportive partner of O’right on its “Green Journey,” said Steven Ko, Chairman of O’right.