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台灣桃園 ─2016年7月6日─ 巴斯夫公司承包商的分包商的一名工作人員於下午二點在桃園觀音廠的一處屋頂進行防水工程時,不慎從約8米高處跌落,在現場經CPR急救並緊急送醫後,仍不幸過世,本公司謹此表達最深切的哀悼。巴斯夫公司目前正配合相關單位調查事故原因。

Taoyuan, Taiwan - July 6, 2016 - Around 2:00pm today, an employee of a BASF sub-contractor conducting water-proofing work on the flat roof of Kuanyin Site, fell from about eight-meter height. He was then transferred to a nearby hospital and passed away in the hospital. We offer our sincere condolences to his family. The reason of the accident is being investigated.

最後更新 2016年7月6日