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What We're Like

We create good connections: Working at BASF

We create chemistry that connects – at BASF this does not only apply to the products, solutions and services that we develop for our customers. Every one of our employees is part of a team of more than 100,000 individuals, working together to turn our common goal into reality.

The right employees are crucial for our business success. We want to form the best team. A team of unique people with different qualifications and strengths. Individuals working together on the solutions of tomorrow. Individuals who complement each another and contribute their best to the team. Individuals facing new challenges together, thus improving themselves and becoming more satisfied.

This is not least due to our attractive total offer for our employees, which goes beyond competitive pay. We know: Individuals want to further develop - and we have always offered our employees the opportunities to do so. For the past 150 years, and in the future.

Bringing people together: We focus on connectedness

We are lucky at BASF, because we have already established certain values in our corporate culture that differentiate us from our competitors.

Moving individuals: We promote engagement

Nobody wants to play the same game over and over. If you want to make a difference and create something new, you have to explore new ways.  

Taking on responsibility for each and every one: We care and promote

This idea is not new - a company can only be as good as its employees. And this is not just a nice theory, but a living reality.

Motivating people: We keep thinking

If we want to maintain our leading market position, we always have to be a bit better than our competitors. We manage that with our team. Why we are so sure?

What it means to work at BASF

We have a unique corporate culture. And we are proud of it, because it made us what we are today - the world's leading chemical company. By connecting people and sharing knowledge, we create sustainable solutions for us all. By offering a safe and inspiring work environment, we motivate our employees to produce exceptional work. By promoting the active engagement of our employees, we have success in the long term.

We form the best team. Because we are creative and open - across all areas. Because we are responsible. Because we think in an entrepreneurial way. That’s how we combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection.

What you'll get

At BASF you get more than just compensation. Our total offer includes a wide range of elements you need to be your best in every stage of your life. That’s what we call you@BASF.