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A few good women

BASF seeks to attract more female talent to its manufacturing sites.

The automotive color “Billowing Blue“ by BASF

Blue most popular chromatic color on vehicles – BASF Color Report for Automotive 

The global company’s annual report breaks down car color trends for 2020.

The Right Stuff: BASF elevates ‘Candidate Experience’ as a powerful recruiting tool

The chemical company wins seventh CandE Award and climbs in rankings in 2020.

SUNIONS – The game-changing ‘cepas’ that won’t make you cry

BASF develops first tearless, sweet onion available on the market.


BASF launches dog-grooming ‘fur-mulations’ to address the growing pet-care market boom

The company utilizes its robust personal-care portfolio to cater to man’s best friend.

Emerging Leaders shine at GreenBiz’s Circularity 20 online event

BASF sponsors a mentorship program that opens doors for up-and-coming circular-economy trailblazers.


BASF offers an alternative to formaldehyde in animal-feed hygiene enhancement

Plymouth Foam, BASF introduce pet toys using revolutionary Infinergy material

Virtual Customer Innovation: Staying close to your client, remotely

BASF develops a digital platform to help address customer pain points from a distance.

Goin’ surfin’ sustainably

French startup utilizes high-performing BASF filament made of recycled material to make 3D-printed surfboards.

BASF celebrates the centenary of polymer chemistry in 2020 

The global company commemorates its achievements in the development of plastics.

Wayne T. Smith

Climatetech Leadership Series: A Q&A with Wayne Smith, CEO of BASF Corp.

Personal care for textured hair

BASF launches new concept to address the curly, coily, and wavy hair community.


The Circularity Challenge: Finding novel solutions for a circular economy 

BASF, Greentown Labs and Stanley Black & Decker select five startups to drive circular innovations for plastics, energy storage and digital solutions.

2019 Nobel-winning chemistry professor shares his views on renewable energy

The pioneer of lithium-ion batteries speaks to BASF about a fossil-fuel-free future.

BASF gives former industrial sites a rebirth, thanks to environmental remediation

Sustainable construction in face of climate change

BASF offers durable solutions to the housing construction market to help withstand future disasters.

BASF executive comes full circle with Tough Enough to be a Girl Scout award

Find out why business leader Denise Hartmann is tough enough.

New rinse aid helps plastic dry better, faster during industrial cleaning


BASF develops a surfactant that reduces spotting and filming on plastic dishware.

Second line of defense—keeping floors tracking-free during winter months

Cleaning-management expert weighs in on best solution to prevent granular-tracking and residue from chloride salts during wintertime.

Shades of meaning: BASF releases Auto Color Trend analysis for 2019-20

The rambutan-fruit tree: A sustainability story

BASF designs a socially- and -environmentally responsible supply chain.

Taking action in the plastic-waste dilemma

BASF's Dirk Voeste explains how chemistry can enable a circular economy.

Artist leaves his mark on the world thanks to BASF's durable product

A professional sculptor shares his life journey that led him to MasterEmaco repair mortar.

Terreform One, BASF collaborate on unique ‘Monarch Sanctuary’ to cover new building

Lifelong runner finds perfect footwear for Boston Marathon

Alexandra Jasman always sustained injuries while training—until she found the Brooks shoe.


BASF feels the need for electric-vehicle speed

The company develops next-generation technology to meet anticipated demand of the e-mobility market.

BASF walks the walk—company uses its own product for its facility

How much confidence does BASF have in SKYTITE, its innovative re-roofing system? The company isn’t just the manufacturer, but also a client.

Brave new world: Fashion designer collaborates with BASF on dystopian attire at NYFW

Company helps Enchi Shen bring her futuristic vision to life through eco-fashion.


Nobel-winning chemist makes world a better place—one enzyme at a time

Frances Arnold speaks to BASF about winning the most prestigious award in chemistry.

Cancer-stricken youth combines two passions, promotes nationwide awareness

BASF donates to and collaborates with founder and CEO of Driven to Cure who's paying it forward.

Sustainable construction—using fibers to extend service life of concrete

BASF offers an advanced alternative for concrete reinforcement.

Taking concrete to a higher level—space

BASF collaborates with NASA and Penn State on cement-hydration-in-zero-gravity study. 


New technology translates language of plants

Doctoral students unveil a sensor during BASF’s annual science competition that could take precision farming to a new level.

Morris Museum: Where art & science intersect

The community foundation’s newest head talks to BASF about kinetic art and its most unique exhibit.

BASF launches a duo-peptide complex that diminishes signs of aging

The global anti-aging business is growing exponentially, and BASF is paying attention.

Amputee makes prosthetics to help others walk again

Chris Casteel collaborates with BASF and Essentium to bring revolutionary 3D-printed sockets to life.

It’s not easy going green—Kansas City Chiefs debuts compostable peanut bags

BASF lends Aramark, Arrowhead Stadium a helping hand in being the first sports venue to sell the pre-packed bags.

The smaller the car, the more vivid the color—BASF Color Report for Automotive

The company’s annual report breaks down vehicle color trends for 2017.


The paper coffee cup that can be recycled

Thanks to innovative polymers, there is now a solution that can combine paper and performance for these hot-drink holders.   

Revolutionary roofing spray inspires small business owner to become its ambassador

A customer gets more bang for his buck and a sustainable roof thanks to a more durable BASF solution.

Kids’ Lab turns fourth graders into forensic scientists for a day

Grade schoolers solve a chemistry caper while learning about chromatography during a hands-on chemistry program.

Symbiotic relationship: Chip Foose & BASF

The famed auto designer shares his journey of finding the best refinish paint for his high-end show cars.


Denver Broncos stay safe during winter training thanks to new ice-melt solution

The football team’s headquarters say goodbye to granular salt deicers and hello to a better alternative. 

Der Supercomputer der BASF hat seinen Betrieb in Ludwigshafen au

BASF operates largest supercomputer for industrial chemical research

The company has bought the largest supercomputer in the chemical industry that allows a greater number and more complex simulations in shorter periods of time.

Michigan governor makes history at BASF Wyandotte site

Rick Snyder chooses BASF facility to tell the world his state is "open for business."

BASF celebrates 400M catalytic converters

The company looks back at its contribution to cleaner air with a pioneer invention.

What’s in the new Brooks Running shoe’s midsole?

BASF helps the footwear company expand its midsole material selection by going where its performance running shoe has never gone before.

BASF puts its money where its mouth is during Hunger Action Month

Learn how the company is feeding America through nutritious meals.

BASF expands wildlife conservation efforts

The chemical company helps environment by creating one wildlife habitat at a time.

Ice, ice, baby—mobile air conditioners keep you cool on the go

BASF’s innovative material supports the cooling system of the human body.

Students pour concrete on morgue stairs

Concrete Preservation Institute gives hands-on experience to future builders

The non-proft foundation combines education and hands-on training while preserving national landmarks.

BASF Science Academy inspires innovative thinking

They’ve blinded them with science

BASF’s Science Academy prepares high school students for STEM careers.

BASF teams up with farmers, golf courses to revive monarch butterfly population

The chemical company shows how biodiversity can coexist alongside modern agriculture. 

Die 65 Farben der BASF Automotive Color Trends 2018-19 – Keep it Real / The 65 colors of BASF’s Automotive Color Trends 2018-19 – Keep it Real

What does the color of your car say about you?

For those who think the shade of their vehicle has no underlying meaning, think again.

A smarter solution for commercial, residential deicing

A manufacturing company customer finds a chloride-free answer to its ice-melting dilemma.

Houston, we have vegetables growing in space

BASF supplies special fertilizer coating ingredients that allow NASA to grow plants in orbit, and beyond.

Construction trends—is resilience the new ‘green’?

In a post-Superstorm Sandy world, resilience has been on the mind of several industries. But to BASF, durability is nothing new.


Stronger hair for the socially conscious

BASF launches hair care that does double duty.

3D drawing disrupts shoe production with more efficiency

The chemical company helps Reebook bring footwear into the next century by developing a new material that eliminates the need for shoe molds.

Bogi and Michelle Davis (right) are hard at work on the vintage truck to be unveiled at Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas on Nov. 1.

This girl is on fire—female auto mechanic restores vintage truck, empowers women

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is spearheading a nationwide renovation of a vintage Chevy truck by an all-female group, with a helping hand from BASF.

Seattle's SR99 Tunnel Project

One small step for chemistry—one giant leap for American tunnel construction

BASF contributes to American infrastructure via Seattle tunnel project.

The sound of silence at the Guggenheim

BASF provides material for a highly anticipated installation at one of New York’s living-legend museums.




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