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In these entertaining episodes our Chemical Reporter answers questions on Chemistry in our everyday life.

Why do you wince when you bite into a lemon?

What are fungicides?

Why does a mirror grow dark?

How do engine coolants work?

How is artificial rain produced?

How does a sparkler work?

How do you brew non-alcoholic beer?

What does it mean when people talk about "hard water"?

What's the difference between sugar and artificial sweetener?

How does the non-stick surface in a pan work?

What is the chemistry behind a permanent wave hairstyle?

Why does fluoride make your teeth hard?

Why do potatoes get softer when you cook them, while eggs get harder?

What’s the significance of that percentage number on the label of a bottle containing an alcoholic beverage?

What is carbon dioxide?

What is the radiocarbon dating method?

Why does silver inhibit bacterial growth?

What are sponges made of?

Why does cream turn to whipped cream when you whip it?

Why does your urine smell so different after you`ve eaten asparagus?

Why do cherries burst when it rains?

Why does caffeine have a stimulating effect?

What makes blue-jeans blue?

Why is it sometimes so hard to get ketchup out of the bottle?

Why does milk form a skin on top when you cook it?

What´s the difference in carbon between a pencil lead and a diamond?

What gives a rubber band its elasticity?

What happens to meat when you roast it?

What is spider silk made of?

What is dry-cleaning?

Why does ice melt when you sprinkle salt on it?

How does a plasma monitor work?

What is shoe polish made of?

How does a glow stick work?

What are liquid crystals?

What is cling film made of?

What are emulsifiers?

What is mother-of-pearl?

How does conditioner make your hair soft?

What are bioplastics?

How does a drain cleaner work?

Why does hair turn grey?

Why is sugar sticky?

Why can´t you mix oil and water?

How does fabric softener make your laundry soft?

What does fertilizer have to do with plant growth?

What´s a bullet-proof vest made of?

Why do you get garlic breath?

What does the SAE classification on motor oil cans mean?

How is leather produced?

What happens to film when it is developed?

What is chewing gum made of?

What is dry ice?

How does a fluorescent lamp work?

How do air fresheners work?

Why does coffee smell so good?

How do tanning creams make our skin turn brown?

How does a pocket warmer work?

What makes a match ignite?

What does laundry detergent consist of?

What makes steel stainless?

How does toothpaste clean our teeth?

How does fireworks function?

How is a mirror assembled?

Why is a highlighter pen fluorescent?

Why do bananas turn brown through cold?

Why does baking powder put out a fire?

Why does a kettle calcify?

How does a deodorant work?

What makes a chili pepper have a hot fiery flavor?

Why does silver tarnish?

Why is fall foliage so colourful?

What makes a car’s paint scratch-resistant?

How does hair styling gel work?

Why does chopping onions make us cry?

How does soap clean our hands?

What makes a refrigerator cold?

Why do colors fade?

What does the gasoline octane rating represent?

What is concrete made of?

How is mineral water carbonated?

How does an automotive catalytic converter work?

How are leather shoes made rainproof?

How is paper made tear-proof?

What does actually take place when we color our hair?

How does a battery work?

Why can’t we drink seawater?

Why is laughing gas actually called laughing gas?

How does sunscreen lotion protect our skin?

Is formic acid derived from ants?

What makes baby diapers so absorbent?

How does an ink eraser erase ink?

What makes lipstick kiss-proof?

Why does foam lather?

Why does natural gas have an odor?

Why do fireflies glow?

Why is glass transparent?

How do solar panels work?

Why does glue stick?

What makes a non-iron shirt wrinkle free?