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BASF's Dispersions and Resins business offers a wide range of high-quality binders, resins, additives and colorants worldwide.

These raw materials are used in formulations for adhesivesarchitectural coatings, automotive coatings, building materials, construction coatingsindustrial coatings, nonwovensprinting and packagingpaper coatings, and wood coatings. With a comprehensive product portfolio and extensive knowledge of the industries we serve, we offer our customers innovative and sustainable solutions to help them advance their formulations through chemistry.

We provide the raw materials from a diverse product range matched with extensive industry experience and technical knowledge to help enhance the quality, appearance and durability of all exterior and interior coatings. In challenging environmental conditions, our polymer dispersions, resins and additives provide adhesion, maintain gloss and prevent corrosion. And you can preserve your application’s color with our light stabilizers that prevent degradation and color change as a result of UV exposure.

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BASF offers an extensive portfolio of binders, resins, additives, and colorants.

Industries & Applications


BASF provides raw materials for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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