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Building envelope

Innovations that protect structures against the elements

Building design is becoming more innovative and complex which has led to more stringent building codes. This has put pressure on builders, contractors and architects to ensure that their buildings are properly protected against the elements.

BASF recognizes the importance of innovations around the everchanging building codes and the needs of the market for more innovative products. Our portfolio of polymers and additives help to formulate strong and durable products for air weather barriers, EIFS, reflective roof coatings, and waterproof coatings.

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Air barriers

Strength and durability to withstand unpredictable environments



Performance to meet stringent energy codes

Roof coatings

Solutions for fast-curing elastomeric roof coatings



Protection from dampness, mold and mildew

Industry Insights

Air barrier market shifts in light of new building codes, trends

Fluid-applied air barriers combine resiliency with flexibility to help builders meet codes and environmental standards.


Customer spotlight: Trusted waterproofing technologies powered by high-performance polymers

A partnership between GMX and BASF produces a line of asphalt-based waterproofing systems that strengthens and protects buildings.

Raising the roof (coating standards)

The ASTM adopts a roof coating specification 20 years in the making.

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