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Whether it's advanced materials for thermoplastics and thermosets, composite design expertise as well as parts and tooling support, BASF continues to drive innovation through chemistry across various industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, consumer and construction.

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Neuartiges Leichtbaudach aus Polyurethanschaum im smart fortwo /

Honeycomb Structure is the Bee’s-Knees for Automotive Lightweighting

The honeycomb design found in the insect world is making its way into the auto industry, beating out man-made blow molded polypropylene in terms of strength and weight.

Plant-based weight loss tips for interior composite panels

Car manufacturers are in a race to the bottom of the scale. To help them get there, we're talking about a new technology that makes one lightweighting trend way more effective.

Technology Spotlight: Ultrasim computer aided engineering

Material expertise is important but so is the ability to combine that expertise with computer aided engineering.  BASF utilizes a proprietary software called ULTRASIM, which can routinely provide 90 – 95 percent accuracy when characterizing materials and their expected performance.

Unlike other finite element modeling tools, this technology will help eliminate “do-overs,” saving product development time, money and materials. Ultimately, this technology gives you more peace of mind and confidence in the final product to move forward with a lightweight thermoplastic part.

3 New Ways Advanced Composite Materials Are Light Weighting Today’s Cars

Check out three ways BASF’s Ultramid® polyamides were used to replace heavier materials and ensure the quality of standard for these premium brands.

Natural fiber composites gaining traction in automotive

Featured story from Composites World

New water-borne, wet-application acrylic resin enables new opportunities in car interiors.

BASF’s Composite Expertise Means Metal Sits Out for Lincoln Continental Seat

BASF contributed to a 20 percent weight reduction for the seat pan when compared to its metal predecessor.

Mustang Lightens Its Grille with New Carbon Fiber Composite

Ford Performance wanted to showcase innovation on the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang by creating a grille opening reinforcement made of carbon fiber.