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BASF combines the largest supplier portfolio of solutions for the wood and furniture processing industry. These include glues, binders, process auxiliaries, wood preservatives, paints, pigment preparations, plastics, as well as foams for seat upholstery, leather, and much more.

Keeping the Look for Longer

Paints and coatings protect wood and enhance its natural look. BASF provides high-quality pigments, preparations, stir-in pigments, dyes, and resins for this purpose.

We focus on products and procedures that require little energy in the curing process and that produce no, or very few, emissions when used. BASF brands Luhydran® and Joncryl® are just one example of water-based dispersions for wood coatings. These products are self- and co-crosslinking dispersions, primarily used for industrial applications such as furniture, parquet, and furniture film finishes as well as 2-K- PUR water-based paints.

One established alternative for coating furniture directly is to use finishing films. BASF offers an extensive product portfolio under the FGuard® brand for the coating of finishing films.

Adding More Color to Furniture

The wide range of BASF pigments and dyes creates numerous attractive colors and effects for furniture and floor coatings. For instance, it makes it possible to reproduce rare and exotic types of wood or stone.

Orasol® dyes and pigment preparations from the Microlith® range are ideal for formulating woodstains, which are distinguished by their high gloss shine and excellent color strength.

Polyurethanes for the Furniture Industry

Whether it's beds, office chairs, or borders, polyurethane ensures comfort, well-being, and sophisticated design. BASF polyurethanes provide high-quality polyurethane basic products and systems, from soft and block foams to integral and rigid foams for the full spectrum of the furniture industry.

The mold flexible foam CosyPUR® provides complete flexibility for a wide range of needs.


Plastics and Consultation Service for Well-designed, Technically Sophisticated Furniture

It doesn't always have to be made of wood—high-quality furniture can also be made using plastics. BASF is an expert in this field and is thus able to advise its customers—for example, in the designfabrik® at the BASF site in Ludwigshafen—on how to use special plastics in furniture manufacturing.

With Ultramid® SI, BASF is offering a portfolio of engineering plastics that stand out in particular for their exceptional surface quality and feature excellent mechanical properties and resistance against cleaning agents as well as providing optional fire safety. With Ultramid® SI, functionality, structural mechanics and design can be combined. Examples are the chair MYTO, designed by Konstantin Grcic, the design chair Vegetal of the market leader Vitra and the special-purpose chair uni_verso by Kusch. These are all projects that were realized in close cooperation with the designfabrik® and BASF's technical services.

The technical service also includes color consultancy, color matching, and technical advice from BASF Color Solutions. With more than 50 years of experience in producing masterbatches, BASF Color Solutions is an expert in the field of dyeing plastics.

High-quality Surfaces and Innovative Solutions for Coating Systems and Textile Printing

Leather furniture brings elegance and comfort to your home. Leather upholstery is also timeless, easy to clean, and hard wearing. With over 100 years of technical expertise and experience in the leather business, BASF Leather Chemicals is a leading partner for tanneries and leather manufacturers worldwide. BASF provides products and solutions for the complete leather manufacturing process—everything from wet-end to finishing.

We are constantly developing our product range and are always on the lookout for innovative surfaces that open up diverse design possibilities.

Valure® enables innovative materials to be produced that are velvety and warm to the touch and feature excellent visual, haptic, and breathable qualities.
With the new Helizarin® pigment printing system, BASF has developed a safe and ecological print procedure, with consumer protection taking top priority. It helps its customers meet regulatory standards and fulfills the requirements for the product safety of leading retail chains and brands as well as ecolabels. Helizarin® offers the utmost quality and ensures excellent operating characteristics during the print process.