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Manufacturing Wood Products

Wood is one of the most versatile and usable raw materials around. As a renewable raw material it is highly important for our climate and well-being. It is also an indispensable building material and energy source. Within the scope of wood treatment and processing, BASF offers solutions for the wood and furniture processing industry; these include glues, binders, process auxiliaries, wood preservatives, coatings, and pigment preparations.


For Better Wood-based Materials

For the production of wood-based materials BASF provides aqueous binders based on urea and/or melamine as well as isocyanate-based binders. We offer our customers the most efficient binding systems for all emission classes and for even the most specific requirements.

The performance of our Kauropal® K impregnating resin, which is used in the refinement of laminate floor surfaces, is approved by the new EN 16094 microscratch resistance standard. In the evaluation of MSR-A1 quality grade, Kauropal® K demonstrated higher scratch resistance and gloss retention on surfaces under mechanical load in comparison with traditional impregnating resins. The end consumer is therefore able to enjoy a long-lasting laminate floor.

One example of a successful combination of BASF solutions is the Kaurit® Light technology, which can be used to produce light particle boards. They consist of wood chips, a polymer (Kaurit® Light) in the middle layer, and a binder (Kaurit® glue). This reduces the board weight by up to 30% compared with standard particle boards.

Range of Binders for Wood Coatings

Binders for paints have become classic products in the BASF range. They ensure gloss, mechanical stability, and the necessary adhesion of paint to the respective base. For large-volume applications such as interior paints, facade coatings, or outdoor plasters, BASF's aqueous polymer dispersions, for example, Acronal® S 790 or the solvent-free Acronal® S 559, have proven to be effective binders for many years.

Dyes and Resins for Wood Paints

Pigments, paints, and coatings protect wood and enhance its natural look. BASF provides high-quality pigments, preparations, stir-in pigments, dyes, and resins. We focus on products and procedures that require little energy in the curing process and that produce no, or very few, emissions when used.

Wood protection

Timber needs to be protected against wood destroying fungi and insect in order to extend the service life in humid indoor and weathered outdoor conditions. Wolman’s wood preservatives protect the timber against wood destroying organisms securely.

Outdoor timber, whether used above ground like terrace decking or in-ground like poles and fences, needs to be protected. The leading brands with over 20 years practical experience are Wolmanit® CX and Wolsit® KD.

Depending on the climate, wood moisture as well as storage time and conditions can be a high risk for mould and blue-stain. Wolman is the world-market leader in the anti-sapstain business and offers solutions to protect the timber– even in case of food contact. Sinesto® and Wolsin® protected timber is used by open and closed pallet pools.

To protect timber in dry or humid structural applications, saw mills are dipping or spraying the timber. This preventive protection against fungi and insects/termites is used in constructions under roof or covered. Wolmanit® QB, Wolsit® EC and Diffusit® are well known and widely used in the dipping market.

The building and construction industry uses significant amounts of wood composites, especially particle board, OSB and plywood, but also fibre boards, used as insulation panels. The treatment against fungal and insect attack is among the most effective measures for preventing later structural damage. The leading brands are Xyligen® and Wolsit® T.

The application can be divided into two product lines: Flame-retardants for timber (Wolmanit® Firestop) and intumescent products (Interdens® and Exterdens®).