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Communities are important because they create a sense of belonging.  At BASF, employee groups help our employees network with co-workers with similar interests and backgrounds, build knowledge and skills, and learn more about markets and customers. They foster a sense of community and help employees develop personally and professionally.

African-American Employee Group

The African-American Employee Group (AAEG) encourages management and employees to recognize the value of diversity and create an environment in which all employees are judged on their individual merit and character. Through communication, participation and teamwork, AAEG is working to capitalize on the value of our diverse employee population.

ALLchemie (BASF’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Friends Group)

The ALLchemie employee group is committed to helping BASF become even more diverse and inclusive, and a “partner of choice” among our stakeholders. ALLchemie is not only for those who identify as LGBT but for everyone who values and embraces diversity in the workplace. ALLchemie helps bridge the LGBT and broader BASF communities through ideas, innovation and opportunities that have a positive impact on the business, lives and communities.

Asian Business Community (ABC)

ABC provides a single forum to communicate and address the unique needs of Asian employees within BASF.

Construction Women at Work

Construction Women at Work (CWAW) is an employee resource group dedicated to women in the construction industry at BASF.

Emerging Professionals & Friends Employee Group

The Emerging Professionals Employee and Friends Group (EP&F) was established in response to a growing need to retain and develop emerging professionals at BASF. EP&F seeks to create a network of employees who are launching or in the process of establishing their careers at BASF. EP&F is open to all employees interested in supporting this mission.

Latin American Employee Group

The Latin American Employee Group (LAEG) was formed to assist BASF in implementing programs that attract, develop and retain Latin American employees. LAEG is dedicated to supporting BASF in achieving its goal of becoming a partner of choice with regards to diversity.

Military Veterans Employee Group (VETS)

VETS provides a community for employees who share an interest in serving and connecting with veterans, both internally and externally.


Offsite Employee Resource Group

The objective of the Offsite Employee Resource Group is to increase offsite employee engagement through visibility, communication and interaction between fellow employees and management, while fostering a Customers First and Winning Together mindset.

Parents at BASF

Parents at BASF supports employees in the mission of fitting career aspirations and the adventure of parenthood, by providing relevant information, programs, and connections that enable success both at home and at work.


Women in Business

The mission of the Women in Business (WIB) employee group is to help BASF implement programs that attract, develop, promote and retain women in response to the changing markets. The programs offered through WIB help address the challenges of a changing economic, business and social landscape. The Women in Business group strongly supports both BASF Group’s Vision 2015 and our North America Strategy 2020.

Careers at BASF

BASF is a great place to work.

Diversity/Employee Resource Groups

Diversity/Employee Resource Groups