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The competitive advantage of co-locating at BASF’s Freeport, Texas, site

When it comes to being successful in business, two is better than one. Locating your manufacturing operations on available and developable land on our existing BASF manufacturing site in Freeport, Texas, with state-of-the-art infrastructure presents extraordinary opportunities to operate more efficiently and gain an edge on your competition. The Power of Partnership can mean shared infrastructure, shared utilities and shared services. It can mean saving time and money expended on the search for the right site. It can mean a lower initial capital investment, lower overhead, and lower operating costs–all of which can add up to higher returns.  For more details about co-locating your business at the BASF site in Freeport, Texas, please review the information below.

Integrating sound environmental, health and safety programs into BASF business processes is an ongoing priority. BASF is a Responsible Care® company. Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s award-winning performance initiative that helps America’s leading chemical companies go above and beyond government requirements and openly share their results with the public. Responsible Care® companies improve their performance by implementing world-class management practices; working with independent auditors; tracking performance through environmental, health, safety and security measures; and extending these best practices to business partners throughout the industry.

The BASF site in Freeport actively participates in a Community Advisory Panel (CAP). The CAP is a forum to encourage two-way dialogue between BASF and industry partners, neighbors and community leaders about Freeport site operations and the site’s involvement in local community activities. BASF firmly believes that the communities where we work and live grant us license to operate, and we take that responsibility seriously.

BASF seeks to partner with organizations that operate in a manner consistent with the company’s high standards of operation. These include improving environmental, health and safety performance; exceptional product quality; consistent financial, regulatory and ethical compliance; continuous operational integrity; aspiring sustainable performance; and compliance with Responsible Care Guiding Principles. Partners should value and treat people with respect, foster an inspiring working environment, and recognize that constructive community relationships grant us the license to operate by the public we serve and support.

BASF’s proven capabilities provide considerable economic advantages for any company, and you’ll have the added confidence of locating at a partner site committed to helping you succeed. BASF can provide manufacturers with access to the company’s many years of experience and know-how. Simply put, the many synergies of co-location with BASF can add up for you. 

Freeport is approximately 50 miles south of Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States and the location of the world’s largest petrochemical industry corridor. The Freeport site has access to the Gulf of Mexico through the Port Freeport and low-profile barge capabilities, as well as direct tie-ins to the Union Pacific rail network and immediate access to major highway transportation corridors.

As the world’s foremost chemical company, our expertise in chemical processing technologies is extensive. The Freeport site offers varied combinations of “chemical value chains” and state-of-the-art processes for you to leverage.

In need of modern and well-maintained infrastructure? Freeport is a perfect option. Utilities, including water, steam, electricity, instrument air, nitrogen and natural gas, are readily available. A wide range of raw materials such as natural gas and petroleum derivatives are also available, often via pipeline. BASF’s finished products and intermediate products may present manufacturers with unique accessibility or integration opportunities. Waste disposal services in the form of wastewater treatment plants and liquid and vent gas incineration can be utilized. Freeport has a low energy cost, but the site is also driving a low environmental impact by transitioning 80% of purchased power to wind or solar options over the next three years.  Co-locating can make optimum use of energy resources, raw materials, and feedstocks, and can reduce inventories to a minimum, yielding cost savings while minimizing impact on the environment.

BASF provides many services that can reduce the implementation costs associated with staffing and maintaining facilities. These services include safety, industrial hygiene, medical, security, emergency response, fire brigade as well as round-the-clock site access control and surveillance.  In addition, infrastructure, including roads, rail, pipe racks and drainage are in place, managed and maintained to support the site’s needs.  Operations, logistics, engineering and maintenance services are also available, providing your company with BASF’s proven operational competency and technical expertise.

The joint venture with Yara thrives at BASF’s Freeport site - In 2018, Yara International ASA and BASF teamed up and built a world-scale ammonia plant that not only raises the bar in terms of safety, efficiency and quality but also applies the principles of industrial symbiosis by using a by-product as feedstock for ammonia production.  Conventional ammonia plants use natural gas to produce the hydrogen needed during ammonia production. Yara Freeport’s hydrogen-based technology allows the plant to forego this initial production step, leading to lower capital expenditure and maintenance costs. By using hydrogen, which originates from the production processes of various petrochemical plants nearby, the plant safeguards resources and mitigates environmental impact. 

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