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Current postings of employees of BASF SE and BASF's German subsidiaries at international organizations, governments, ministries, and public administration - and respectively of public administration staff at BASF:

Currently none.

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BASF believes in the importance of communication between industry and politics. We are aware of the conflicts of interests around the issue of “revolving doors”. BASF will respect all applicable regulations concerning a cooling-off period and if employing former officials or other staff of government or government agencies or assistants or trainees, respect the obligation of such employees to abide by the rules and confidentiality requirements which apply to them.

BASF welcomes temporary staff exchange and staff transfer with political organizations, institutions and public administrations. Staff exchange promotes experience and fosters a better understanding of specific structures and processes between the private and public sector.

We may participate in staff exchange, if there are no conflicts of interest and transparency is ensured. An equivalent information policy is encouraged on the side of the partner organization.