Allin Kawsay

In Quechua, the indigenous language spoken in the territory of the former Inca empire, Allin Kawsay means “the good life.” Crop failures have devastating impacts on the smallholders’ livelihoods since potatoes are not only their major source of income but also serve as an important staple food crop in Peru.

In order to empower people to proactively change their lives for the better, BASF has initiated a project that helps the people help themselves: smallholders receive training on good farming practices and learn to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. In addition, they are provided with financial aid and other measures that help them close the gap between the production and marketing of their crops.

These measures have the potential to raise crop yields by 50 percent or more and generate positive spillover effects resulting in a strengthened regional economy, better access to health care and education and improved quality of life. Since the project enables Andean farmers to achieve a good life, it has been named after their life motto, “Allin Kawsay.”


3.500 farmers trained

Sustainable Development Goals:

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Hot bowl icon with number 2 zero hunger
Green background icon with heart rate and number 3 good health and well-being
8-decent work and economic growth
11-Sustainable cities and communities
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