Novasil Flour Fortification

Aflatoxin is a natural poison caused by certain molds. It is carcinogenic, leads to increased mortality and occurs in many agricultural products (like e.g. grains, seeds, rice). Poorer population groups are hereby most at risk, e.g. >80% of children in Tanzania are exposed to aflatoxins.

BASF’s Novasil is an aflatoxin-binding natural clay developed by BASF to prevent aflatoxin absorption in the body.

Our product can be incorporated into fortified flour in developing countries and protect people from getting sick. With the help of partners this innovative business approach has various positive effects e.g. on health status, mortality rate and public health. Productivity and collective economic performance can be achieved.

Novasil is sold via premixes through an ecosystem of partnerships and a network of  stakeholders to producers of fortified flour in developing countries.

Read more about the stakeholder dialog workshops on the topic here


  • Training of an increasing number of mills each year
  • Design of a clinical study to proof evidence of the positive impacts

Sustainable Development Goals:

Hot bowl icon with number 2 zero hunger
Green background icon with heart rate and number 3 good health and well-being
12-Responsible consumption and production
17-Partnerships for the goals