The UNIQUE - The BASF Academic Partnership Program focuses on leading universities worldwide. Its aim is to develop lasting relationships, strengthen BASF's innovation portfolio and enable direct access to scientific expertise, new technologies and talented minds from various disciplines.

We collaborate with many individual research groups all over the world. UNIQUE - The BASF Academic Partnership Program, however,  takes collaboration one step further: One of our scientists is dedicated as academic relationship manager (APD) for current and future collaborations within his assigned university.

What is unique about UNIQUE?

  1. A dedicated Academic Partnership Developer (APD) is assigned to each university. It's his job to connect the university with BASF, and to represent BASF at the university.
    The APD is actively looking for new technologies of interest to BASF, and identifies opportunities and initializes new collaboration projects.
  2. In some cases a framework agreement between BASF and the university enables fast start of new projects. In other cases the APD will facilitate the contract between the legal departments of the university and BASF.  
Workshop in Harvard

University of California, Berkeley

Stanford University


Ahmad Dehestani
Email: ahmad.dehestani@basf.com
Phone: +1 732 205-7145

Texas A&M University, Houston

Thiele 2016.jpg

Robin Thiele
Email:  robin.thiele@basf.com
Phone: +1 832 775-7316

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Bernhard von Vacano
Email: bernhard.von-vacano@basf.com
Phone: +1-845-216-4701

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Werner Kaufmann
Email: werner.kaufmann@basf.com
Phone: +1 914 785-4454

Imperial College, London


Valerie André
Email: valerie.andre@basf.com
Phone: +49 621 60-74195

University of Heidelberg


Thomas Schaub
Email: thomas.schaub@basf.com
Phone: +49 621 60-48957

KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Christian Holtze
Email: christian.holtze@basf.com
Phone: +49 621 60-48318


BasCat Labor, TU Berlin, 02.07.2014, Ruta;

Frank Rosowski
Email: frank.rosowski@basf.com
Phone: +49 30 314-27330

ETH Zürich

Andreas Hafner

Andreas Hafner
Email: andreas.hafner@basf.com
Phone: +41 61 63-65437

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing (ICCAS)

Fudan University, Shanghai

Claudia Staudt

Priv.-Doz. Claudia Staudt
Email: claudia.staudt@basf.com
Phone: +86 21 2039-2048

Dalian Institute of Physical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science


Yong LIU
Email: yong.a.liu@basf.com
Phone: +86 212 039 4352

Kyoto University


Hideki Yamashita
Email: hideki.yamashita@basf.com
Phone: +81 3 3796-9327