April 2, 2024

Chinaplas 2024: The next generation: robust and colorful baby bottles

  • Korean baby products manufacturer UBMOM uses injection stretch blow-molded Ultrason® P 2010 for its smart baby bottles
  • BASF’s transparent polyphenylsulfone features high mechanical stability and design freedom
  • Bottles showcased on BASF booth at CHINAPLAS 2024 (Hall 7.2, Booth C42, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai)

The Korean baby products manufacturer UBMOM, Seoul, is now using BASF’s Ultrason® P to produce baby bottles. The polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) meets UBMOM’s high-quality needs for its smart feeding bottles that are safe, durable and easy to handle. Ultrason® P 2010 is approved for food contact (FDA and NSF) and features high chemical resistance, excellent strength and resistance to superheated steam up to 134°C. These properties ensure that the baby bottles are safe to use, while being lightweight and shatter-proof. They can be reused many times without loss of their mechanical and optical qualities because Ultrason® P 2010 easily withstands sterilization in microwave ovens or in boiling water. The transparent, slightly honey-colored BASF thermoplastic allows for designing colorful baby bottles in many designs and shapes.

“Our main focus is on the health of babies and we want to develop bottles that take mothers’ concerns seriously”, says Yong Woon Park, CEO at UBMOM. “So we are constantly trying to provide our customers with the highest quality products. With its light material color and high mechanical performance, BASF’s Ultrason® perfectly fits into this approach as it supports our commitment to material safety and flexibility in design. Especially the clear and light color of the PPSU helps us to design colorful feeding bottles that keep their visual quality over a long period of time.”

The low-viscosity grade Ultrason® P 2010 can be used in injection stretch blow molding to manufacture bottles which benefit from the customized properties of the high-temperature thermoplastic: It shows superior toughness, chemical resistance and long-term high-temperature stability. It is food contact compliant in the US, the EU and China and easy to process without scrap losses, using suitably configured hot runner systems. “Ultrason® is the ideal material not only for high-quality baby bottles with good transparency but for lightweight drinking bottles used by adults, too,” says Cheong Kim from BASF Sales for Ultrason® in Korea. “It shows no discoloration by contact with all kinds of juices and soft drinks as well as green or black tea. Ultrason® has proven its value for bottle manufacturers in Asia for many years: They can choose the most suitable material for their respective manufacturing method and trust in our on-site application support as well as BASF’s supply reliability of the different grades.”

Ultrason® is the trade name for BASF’s product range of polyethersulfone (Ultrason® E), polysulfone (Ultrason® S) and polyphenylsulfone (Ultrason® P). The high-performance thermoplastic is used to manufacture water filtration membranes, stylish, durable and safe household and catering applications as well as lightweight components for the automotive and aerospace industries. Ultrason® brands can substitute thermosets, metals and ceramics in many applications because of their extraordinary property profile.

For more information: www.ultrason.basf.com/householdcatering

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The Korean baby products manufacturer UBMOM, Seoul, is now using BASF’s Ultrason® P to produce smart baby bottles that are safe, durable and easy to handle.
Last Update April 2, 2024