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BASF Low emission solutions in Polyurethane(PU) & Polyamide(PA) contribute to cleaner air in your vehicle

We spend increasing amount of time in our vehicle. Therefore indoor vehicle air quality is a significant factor in our well being. For interiors, because it’s within a confined space, emission will be more harmful to drivers and passengers.

That is why BASF has made the move to improve impact of care in many ways. We enable our customers to meet the toughest emission control regulations with innovative cost effective and low emission solutions that improve air quality within your vehicle for a sustainable future.

Watch the video then take a look at some examples of our low emission applications below.

With these innovative, high-performing solutions, you can now take more road trips through breathtaking landscapes with less impact on the environment. 

Talk to us to find out more about our non-toxic, low VOC and environmental friendly automotive solutions.