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  • 1994年与上海化工局染料公司成立合资企业
  •  2000年成为巴斯夫独资公司
  • 2004年成为巴斯夫大中华区总部注册地,2012年起开始运营
  • 2012年巴斯夫上海创新园建成
  • 截至2021年底共拥有九套生产装置和一套废水处理装置


产品:新材料包括Ultramid®(聚酰胺, PA)、Ultradur®(聚对苯二甲酸丁二醇酯, PBT)、聚氨酯组合料、Elastollan® 热塑性聚氨酯(TPU)、Cellasto® 微孔聚氨酯弹性体、丙烯酸分散体和聚合物着色剂、清洁剂、金属络合染料、皮革助剂、聚乙烯吡咯烷酮(PVP)、3D打印材料、机动车排放催化剂等

We want our customers to experience a new BASF – for example, in our Creation Centers. At these spaces full of inspiration and the latest technology, customers can discover BASF’s high-performance plastics, explore potential applications and work hand-in-hand with BASF experts to create new products. This accelerates the process of transforming conceptual ideas to creative solutions. The photo shows our Creation Center in Shanghai, China, which we opened in August 2019. It is one of four of its kind worldwide.
BASF expands innovation scope in Asia Pacific with a Regional Automotive Application Center and Process Catalysis R&D Center