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Ready to take the next step in your career? BASF is a great company to join – at any stage in your professional career. At BASF, we are continuously working on new products and solutions as well as on innovative technologies and modern production processes for a sustainable future. We are setting new standards with tailor-made solutions for our customers and securing our long-term business success. Join us to make an impact...on the world and on your career! Whether you work in Business, Production or R&D - there’s a place for you at BASF. The world needs us and we need you!

After my studies & PhD in business administration, I joined BASF in the TOP START program to get in touch with a variety of different placements in a short period of time. Ever since, I enjoy every day working with colleagues across the world to create value for business units and the company as a whole.

Keke Hiller

Head of Product Management and Marketing, G-ENA/AM, Aroma Ingredients

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Questions for professionals

Are the positions advertised online up-to-date?

Yes. All positions advertised on our career pages are current.  The job postings are only removed once the positions have been filled.


Where can I find information on the latest job postings?

There are two ways to get information on new positions. You can either create job agents via the BASF talent community. To do so, please register for our talent community and enter your search criteria as keywords and location directly underneath your personal data. You can now select the frequency with which you want to be informed and safe the job agent. In order to cancel the job agent, you can  log into the talent community and delete your job agent via checking the mark. You can always edit or delete your job agents.

Alternatively, you can create job agents in our online application system. Please log into your candidate profile, select the item “Job Agents” and click on “Add”. After selecting the search criteria, please safe as job agent. You can now type in a name and select the frequency with which you want to be informed and click on “safe”. Now your job agent is active. You can always edit or delete your job agents.


How do I apply?

When applying for a job in our global job search you will be forwarded to register at our BASF Talent Community first. There you can activate a personal job agent to receive e-mails with the latest job openings. After registration, you will get to the regional application system to complete your application or receive further information.

 Please apply via our online application system and use one single e-mail address.

Candidates applying for a vocational training program or joint work/study program should go to the following link.


What elements are involved in the application process? Will I have to attend an assessment center?

BASF assesses candidates’ applications to decide which of the open positions they are best suited to.  The business unit in question then decides whether or not to invite the candidate to an interview day.  

The invited candidates then take part in several interviews with representatives of the technical unit and BASF recruitment staff.  BASF has found this approach to be extremely worthwhile – as one-on-one interviews offer an excellent opportunity to really get to know the applicant, and we consider personal impressions to be very important.  Over the course of the skills-focused interviews, we establish whether the candidate’s specialist knowledge and abilities tally with the requirements of the post.  The applicant also has the opportunity to meet future managers and colleagues.  As a result of the success we have had with personal interviews, BASF does not include assessment centers in its recruitment process.


How many months in advance should I apply to a position?

The application deadlines vary for the individual positions. You can apply to a job posting as long as it is still advertised.


Who is my contact partner at BASF for my application?

Several BASF employees are involved in the application process and process your application which means we cannot name one specific contact.  Please address your cover letter with "Dear Sir or Madam".can apply to a job posting as long as it is still advertised.


How can I find out about the status of my application?

You can see the current status of your application at any time in your  online application profile.


How generous are salaries?

Wages at BASF are in line with industry standards, and depend on the type of role and your personal performance.


Which other documents should I attach to my application?

You can find more information on which documents are required for the application process here


Can I use data that I have already provided BASF for another application?

You can use any data you have already saved in our  online application system for other applications. If you want to apply in another region, you might have to register again. Our global job search will automatically redirect you to the right online application system. An overview of all systems can be found here.


Can I send one application to be considered for several positions?

For data privacy reasons, we ask for your understanding in that we cannot process one application for several positions.


Can I apply to several locations or for several positions at the same time?

You are welcome to apply to several locations or for different positions.


Will my applications be processed at the same time?

All applications are processed irrespective of when they were received.


I would like to apply to an international BASF location! Who should I contact?

You can find all of our open positions worldwide via our global job search. If you find an interesting position you will be forwarded to our BASF Talent Community, where you can create job agents to get news and information from BASF. Then, you will be forwarded to the regional online application system. An overview of the different systems worldwide can be found here.


Am I sent a notification once I have sent my application?

As soon as you have applied for a position, you will be immediately sent confirmation that we have received your application; If you apply online, please note that by clicking "Send application", you will effectively complete your application.


What is your data protection policy regarding the online application system?

All data provided to BASF is handled strictly in accordance with German data protection legislation.  All candidate information obtained via our online application system, is treated in the strictest confidence and is used exclusively for staffing, recruiting marketing or talent relationship activities.


Am I sent correspondence by e-mail?

If you have given us your e-maiI prepare for an interview and the diverse offerings at BASF?


How do I prepare for an interview at BASF?

To prepare for an interview at BASF, you should familiarize yourself with the company BASF, as well as with the position to which you are applying. We will use the interview to get to know you personally and to learn more about your previous knowledge, experience, skills and interests. We would also like to give you an insight into the working world at BASF, our corporate culture and the diverse offerings at BASF. Please do not hesitate to ask!


Can I postpone the date for my selection interview?

If you cannot take part in a selection interview, please contact our application hotline as soon as possible to arrange a new date, if possible.


Will my travel costs be reimbursed?

You will receive more information on the BASF travel cost guidelines when you are invited to an interview.


How do I get my travel costs reimbursed?

You will receive more information on the BASF travel cost guidelines when you are invited to an interview.


How can I send an unsolicited application?

You can send an unsolicited application here. If you don't find a suitable position in our job postings, you can send us an unsolicited application.


Do you also accept applications from freelancers?

Unfortunately it is not possible to apply for a job as a freelancer. Should you be interested in a permanent or temporary position with BASF, please feel free to visit our global job search regularly to view the latest job postings. You can also register for the  BASF Talent Community to receive specific opportunities per email.


Can I take part in a retraining program at BASF?

Unfortunately we do not offer a retraining program at BASF.