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Your expertise is in demand!

If you are looking for a new challenge, then you have come to exactly the right place. After all, we are the world’s leading chemical company and fascinating and challenging experiments are on our daily agenda. You will work in one of our laboratories in the research and development area which has over 7,000 employees working in project teams made up of natural scientists, engineers and laboratory technicians. Our future-oriented technologies and processes such as the efficient handling of resources and energy, in nanotechnology and biotechnology or in biocatalysis offer you an exciting area of work.

You have a good secondary education diploma, advanced technical college certificate or the general university admission qualification and you are currently training, for example, to be a chemical laboratory assistant with us.


If you already work at BASF you will certainly know that trainees who perform well have a good chance of being hired by us.
However, even if you have experience in another company you should also apply to one of or job adverts.

You will find more information about training opportunities with BASF on our careers pages on the internet.

If you have completed a training program, for instance, as a chemistry or physics laboratory assistant, you are in the right place with us.

You should be curious and creative, have an interest in mathematics and be really enthusiastic about natural sciences, particularly chemistry. You also enjoy investigating, observing, and measuring. You also possess plenty of perseverance combined with a sense of responsibility and reliability.

And to give further edge to your profile, you also like working with computers and complete all your tasks accurately and reliably. Your English is of a sufficiently high standard that you are comfortable with specialist documentation.

As a laboratory employee in research and development, below are some examples of the training areas where graduates start work with us:

  • Chemistry or physics laboratory assistant for example in Ludwigshafen for BASF SE and the training verbund Schwarzheide, Lemförde.
  • Biology laboratory assistant in the Agricultural Center, Limburgerhof.
  • Paint laboratory assistant at BASF Coatings in Münster.

In these jobs you will start as a specialist, usually after a training program in one of our locations. You will work in different research laboratories – in chemistry, physics, molecular biology, genetic modification or analytical laboratories or in greenhouses.

In applications engineering you will work in the development laboratories for points, plastics, leather chemicals and dyes.

As a laboratory assistant you will measure and log, carry out analyses and analyze substances. We understand practical laboratory work to be the performance of experiments, including:

  • Experiment design
  • Experiment optimization
  • Analysis and assessment of results
  • Transfer of results into production
  • Documentation of results
  • Physical measurements and development of new test procedures
  • PC-supported measuring systems control

Are you ready for something new? The many different projects in our research laboratories will always offer you opportunities to think outside of the box and learn new things. Along with relevant practical and theoretical continuing education you can also lead small teams and mentor trainees. There are also interesting issues for you to get involved with outside of research, such as in (technical) marketing or sales.

You decide what is appropriate for you. We will be pleased to support you with the matching continuing education programs.

After the relevant professional experience you have the opportunity to follow continuing education programs to progress your career with the objective of becoming a industrial foreman with a chemistry focus, or technician with a focus on chemical or mechanical engineering. With the requisite eligibility authorization, it is also possible to follow a joint work/study program leading to a Bachelor and/or Master qualification in some fields.