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Pharmacists at BASF: The perfect formula for combining business with innovation.

What do you do as a pharmacist in the world’s leading chemical company? Together with colleagues from varied specialist areas, you will be able to tackle highly interesting world challenges and develop innovative solutions that will contribute to the success of our customers throughout the world.

At BASF, pharmacists are currently working in the most varied of areas, including Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Sales. Depending on your own talents and interest, you have the option to work in a technical or commercial capacity for your personal development. In this way you can optimize your career that can take you anywhere – anywhere in the company, and anywhere in the world.


Pharmacists with working experience can look forward to attractive career possibilities in the BASF-research community. As a professional there is the possibility to start either as an expert e.g. in research or in applications technology, with the possibility to take on immediate project or leadership responsibility, depending upon your professional experience. Additionally you can start as a regulatory affairs manager or you may strengthen our team in product management or sales. We look forward to working with you and leveraging your expertise to drive towards solutions.

With a successful career leveraging your pharma expertise joining BASF will leverage those experiences. Communication and confidence are vital for operating successfully in the corporate environment. As BASF is a global company the ability to clearly communicate in English while leveraging intercultural orientation will enable you to partner with colleagues from around the world. You are open for new ideas and enjoy technical and scientific challenges, which you approach with goal orientation and creativity. Customer and market orientation is second nature to you as are the practices in project management.


A direct start is possible in Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Production, Marketing or Sales.


There are a host of interesting activities awaiting you.

As a lab-team leader in research and development your focus could be:

  • Scientific work on a research project, e.g. development of new excipients
  • Development of innovative formulation technologies for active ingredients

As an expert in applications technology or in marketing:

  • Technical presentation of BASF products and pipeline technologies to customers
  • Business development and life cycle management for BASF products

Bring your expertise into your new role. Your induction will happen “on the job” on an engaged, competent team as a top professional.


Development is based off the individual interest and passion and provides a wide variety of options.  In addition to the classical starting possibilities in research, development, applications technology or regulatory affairs, there is a whole range of opportunities for pharmacists at BASF. For example in product management, sales, quality management, or innovation scouting. A scientific career as an expert is also possible. You can discuss your next career steps together with your supervisor and human resources along with training initiatives offered to support your plans.