Curiosity and interest in science for a brighter future 

Curiosity helps to navigate a rapidly changing world and is the basis for innovation for a sustainable future. As a leading chemical company, BASF aims to stimulate an interest in science and foster curiosity. We engage in a large number of projects – from daycare to university level – all over the world, especially near company sites.

Since 1997 we inspire youth in our hands-on chemistry workshops “Kids’ and Teens’ Labs” to be researchers and discover the world of science. 


More than 1,2 million kids  and teens in 45 countries around the world have taken part in experimentation programs since the first hands-on workshops in 1997. Participants learn to solve problems through experimentation. The programs introduce for example what makes water so important, how to eat healthy and how to avoid food losses. How digital technologies can support researchers to develop strategies to contribute to  sustainable future can also be experienced during the workshop.

Programs can be experienced on-site or at home through online formats. 

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Judith Trueper
Corporate Societal Engagement

Kids' Labs in Europe and worldwide

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