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Virtual Customer Innovation

BASF offers Virtual Customer Innovation workshops for customers who are seeking solutions to address an unmet need. If you’re a BASF customer, we invite you to partner with our global technical experts and jointly explore ideas to help solve your challenge. 

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What is VCI?

Virtual Customer Innovation (VCI) takes BASF’s proven customer ideation model used at in-person engagement events and applies the successful approach in an equally powerful way online. The VCI team conducts focused ideation sessions – inviting customers to collaborate with our leading scientific experts in an intensive half-day session aimed at identifying a range of innovative technology solutions that can address their unmet needs. By providing access to the right BASF experts, in a targeted, structured way, we can greatly accelerate the speed and impact of our innovation strength and identify a range of potential solutions to solve these challenges.

Why try VCI?

Bringing our customers together virtually with BASF scientists and technology experts generates innovative ideas that might not be possible otherwise. This targeted approach to ideating around a defined need helps customers learn about options for them to explore further. The virtual format enables inputs from experts in other regions and supports time and cost savings.

What customers say about VCI

Customers who have been through our targeted ideation sessions were greatly impressed with the power of VCI.
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Contact the team at VCI@basf.com