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Our Strategy

At BASF, we are passionate about chemistry and our customers. We want to be the world’s leading chemical company for our customers, grow profitably and create value for society. Thanks to our expertise, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of our Verbund integration, we make a decisive contribution to changing the world for the better. This is our goal. This is what drives us and what we do best: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.

The world is facing major challenges. Climate change is advancing, the world’s population is growing and so is its need for food. More and more people live in cities and the demand for individual mobility is rising. At the same time, natural resources are limited. More than ever before, we need solutions that make sustainable growth possible. Chemistry plays a key role here. It can help to overcome global challenges in almost all areas of life. By combining our expertise with our customers’ competence, we can together develop sustainable and profitable solutions.

Our corporate purpose

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Our innovations, products and technologies help to use natural resources more efficiently, produce enough food for everyone, reduce emissions, enable climate-smart mobility, improve the capabilities of renewable energy, and make buildings more energy efficient, among other things. Our purpose reflects what we do and why we do it: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.

We want to continue to grow profitably and make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Customer focus

Our customers are our number one priority. BASF supplies products and services to around 90,000 customers1 from various sectors in almost every country in the world. Our customer portfolio ranges from major global customers and small and medium-sized enterprises to end consumers. Our comprehensive product portfolio means that we are active in many value chains and value creation networks. We use various business strategies, which we adapt to the needs of individual industries and markets. These range from cost leadership in basic chemicals to tailored, customer-specific system solutions.

We want to be our customers’ most attractive partner for all challenges that can be solved with chemistry. This is why we continue to drive forward our focus on customers and their needs.

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1 The number of customers refers to all external companies (sold-to parties) that had contracts with the BASF Group in the business year concerned under which sales were generated.

Last Update February 28, 2020