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Dispersions - Pigments - Resins - Additives Amazing effects. Unique performance.

Innovative and more sustainable solutions help paints and coatings manufacturers to advance their formulations. BASF develops, produces and markets a comprehensive selection of raw materials for highly demanding paints and coatings formulations used for architectual coatings, automotive and commercial vehicle coatings or industrial coatings.

We combine extensive know-how and industry expertise with a diverse portfolio of high-performance products including pigments, pigment preparations, dispersions, resins and additives. Our solutions not only improve surface properties such as appearance and enable unique effects, but also enhance resistance to corrosion or scratching for instance. At the same time, our products meet the growing needs for more sustainable paints and coatings.

Raw materials for Architectural & Decorative Coatings

BASF is one of the leading paints and coatings suppliers to the architectural coatings industry. Our product range includes solvent-based, water-based or universal systems, light stabilizers, dispersants, rheology modifiers and formulation additives as well as a variety of pigments and pigment preparations – both for interior and exterior applications.

Raw materials for Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Coatings

We have the product range, industry experience and technical knowledge that help to enhance the quality, appearance, heat resistance and durability of all exterior and interior vehicle coatings - from cars, trucks and trains to aircraft. Our product portfolio includes a full range of organic, inorganic and effect pigments for attractive coloristic and surface effects as well as specialized resins and additives for enhanced coating performance.

Raw materials for Industrial Coatings

BASF supplies a broad portfolio of high-performance colored pigments, effect pigments and resins for all areas of industrial coatings like marine, can, coil and wood coatings suitable for many different purposes. As industry needs continue to evolve, we also provide raw materials that meet the increasing demand for more sustainable solutions.