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BASF in the United Kingdom

BASF companies supply raw materials to most industries in the UK, including agriculture, automotive, chemicals, construction, energy and pharmaceuticals.

We have about 700 employees in the UK. Our sales people are often home-based, and we also have staff working at customers' sites, particularly automotive plants.


We have 6 manufacturing sites across the UK, from Littlehampton on the south coast of England to Callanish off the north west coast of Scotland.

We produce Polyurethane systems at Alfreton, Dispersions and additives at Bradford, omega-3 Fatty acids on the Isle of Lewis, Biopesticides at Littlehampton and Rodenticides at Widnes. We also recycle Auto-catalysts in Cinderford.

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We supply raw materials to most industries. We market a wide range of products, including chemicals, agricultural solutions, dispersions and pigments, pest control products, plastics, polyurethane systems and leading edge coatings products, including coatings for new cars, and refinish paints for respraying damaged vehicles.

We manufacture polyurethane systems, rodenticides and dispersions and additives used by the automotive, furniture, printing and cosmetic industries.

BASF plc

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In Littlehampton we produce industry leading biological pest control products formulated from beneficial nematodes as well as liquid rhizobium inoculants. The nematode products are used by farmers and growers across the globe in agricultural, protected ornamental and home and garden markets.

BASF Agricultural Specialities Limited


We trade in precious metals on behalf of the BASF Group from offices in the City of London.

BASF Metals Limited
BASF Metal Forwards Limited

BASF uses new high-performance milling and decanning equipment at its site in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, to recycle precious metals from autocatalysts.

We specialise in recycling catalytic converters at our site in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

BASF Metals Recycling Limited

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We are a global leader in the manufacture of highly-concentrated omega- 3 fatty acids, with a production site on the Isle of Lewis.

BASF Pharma (Callanish) Limited


Chemetall is a leading global supplier of applied surface treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates in a wide range of industries and end markets.  

Chemetall Limited