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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is a quickly evolving, groundbreaking technology with huge promise in tackling hard to solve or impossible to solve problems we encounter today. In the chemical industry in particular, this cutting-edge approach to computing technology will make the search for new products and applications even more efficient and more accurate. Additionally, we see it will enable large scale simulations of different scenarios in highly complex environments. 

Next Generation Computing

For scientific and business work, more and more computing power is needed to answer increasingly complex questions. Classical digital approaches are gradually reaching their limits. New ways must be found to achieve the necessary computing power to handle huge volumes of data, to use artificial intelligence or to resolve answers more accurately while reducing the time to solution. That is why BASF invests into next generation computing technologies. The experts at BASF have been working with high-performance computing methods for years gaining extensive experience in digital simulation and modelling.


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BASF is uniquely positioned to leverage the highly innovative technology of the next generation of computing and quantum computing as a critical part of our efforts. Please join us on our journey to create the reality of quantum computing for industrial applications.
Brian Standen

Brian Chol Soo Standen

Global Head of Digital Innovation at BASF

Our approach is balanced and multifaceted

We are building upon our long-standing experience in High Performance Computing and participate in multiple quantum computing ecosystems to collaborate with different partners around the globe.

The collaboration between industry and science plays a decisive role in quantum computing. In addition to suitable hardware and software, applying industry needs highly specialized experts, and science needs the pull from industry.
Knowledge Innovation & Solutions

Dr. Horst Weiss

Vice President Next Generation Computing at BASF