30. Juni 2023
BASF Venture Capital GmbH

BASF Venture Capital Invests in Phomera Metamaterials Inc.

  • BASF Venture Capital (BVC) announced today that it has invested in Phomera Metamaterials Inc. in its strategic financing round
  • The investment positions BASF on the frontlines of the technology revolution, and Phomera’s innovative application to the various industries would help both companies achieve their corporate sustainability goal


Shanghai, China, June 30, 2023 - BASF Venture Capital announced today that it has invested in Phomera Metamaterials Inc., a leading technology company specializing in photonic crystal metamaterial engineering and microsphere manufacturing.

Photonic crystal is an artificially synthesized metamaterial produced by arranging PS, PMMA, or silica microspheres in a periodic structure. With multiple layers of microspheres constructing a pre-designed 3D structure, it can modulate electromagnetic waves, resulting in various functionalities. The materials have multiple applications in the photovoltaic, automobile, packaging, consumer electronics, and fashion industries. In the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) industry, adding the materials to the adhesive encapsulation layer of the solar panel creates a desirable surface effect while maintaining a high level of light transmittance and photoelectric conversion rate without using pigment or dye. This application provides new technical opportunities for the wider use of solar energy and thus will contribute to the sustainable development of our society. 

“Advanced new materials have always been a strong focus of our business interests, we are excited to partner with Phomera and support their innovative approach in advanced metamaterials,” said Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital division. "Metamaterials have the potential to revolutionize several industries by creating new opportunities for energy savings, faster communication, and improved healthcare. We believe that Phomera is well positioned to become a leader in this field."

Phomera's CEO, Dr. Feng Tian, welcomed the investment, stating that "BASF Venture Capital's investment will enable us to accelerate our research and development efforts, which will help us bring our products to market faster. We are excited to partner with BASF Venture Capital and believe that their expertise and resources will be invaluable in helping us achieve our development goals."


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At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. BASF Venture Capital GmbH also contributes to this corporate purpose. Founded in 2001, BASF Venture Capital invests in Europe, the United States, Canada, China, India, Brazil, and Israel. Our goal is to generate new growth potential for current and future business areas of BASF by investing in young companies and funds. The focus of our venture investments includes decarbonization, circular economy, agtech, new materials, digitization and new, disruptive business models. www.basf-vc.de.


About BASF

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. More than 111,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio comprises six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €87.3 billion in 2022. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the United States. Further information at www.basf.com.


About Phomera

Phomera, founded in 2015, is a Zhuhai, Guangdong-based metamaterial high-tech enterprise. The company specializes in the large-scale production of photonic crystal metamaterials, which have applications in fields such as photovoltaics, consumer electronics, building and construction, and electric vehicles. The management team consists of industry experts from the University of Cambridge and Harvard University. Further information at http://phomera.com.

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