14. März 2024
BASF Venture Capital GmbH

Recognition in Brazil l Época Negócios

BASF is among the corporations paving the way for the Corporate Venture Capital market not only in South America but also on a global level! We are featured in the cover story of Época Negócios this month as one of the main initiatives shaping this scenario.

🎤 Karime Hajar, our Senior Investment Manager for South America, spoke to the magazine about how BASF is exploring the universe of startups and the entrepreneurship and venture capital ecosystem on the continent. She shared the history of the area's operations and its positioning on the continent, explaining how investments are made, opportunities identified, and the results obtained so far.

🕵️‍♀️ As pioneers in Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), we aim to identify and drive innovative solutions, as well as foster and finance startups, catalyzing sustainable changes in the chemical industry.

💡 Our success stems from solid governance, combined with a long-term strategy, professional resource management, and a dedicated and specialized team. We support investments in Decarbonization, Circular Economy, Agriculture, New Materials, Digitalization, and New Business Models, all with a focus on positively impacting the environment.

🚀 We are proud to be part of this new wave of Corporate Venture Capital and will continue to invest in the best businesses and entrepreneurs globally, always focusing on innovation and positive impact.

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