Susanne Kolle - looking for alternative pathways

I am especially inspired by the diversity of my role and the ability to make my own contribution to sustainability.

Susanne Kolle

Portfolio Manager

After completing her doctorate in biomedical research, Susanne joined BASF during her postdoctorate. She has now been working in experimental toxicology for more than 15 years and, together with a colleague, currently leads the laboratory for biokinetics and local toxicity. 


I obtained my master’s degree in biotechnology from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. After my doctorate in biomedical research, I was looking for further options and since I am from the region, BASF was always very prominent as an employer. I applied and got a job as a postdoc in the laboratory or alternative methods development. Less than six months later I took over the position of laboratory team leader. I have now been in experimental toxicology for 15 years and currently head the laboratory for biokinetics and local toxicity with a colleague. In toxicology, we are quite good at assessing methods and have a variety of publications on this. The evaluation of new alternatives to animal experiments is a particularly exciting topic for me: In cooperation with academia, industry partners, animal protection associations and authorities, we examine very carefully which new ideas and methods really endure. Even though I sometimes seem to be the spoilsport, I make my own contribution to the topic of sustainability with BASF, namely by putting the possible alternative methods of the future through their paces. It is the diversity of my tasks that still motivates me after many years.

Above all, I actively steered my application to BASF. The further development in this position and within toxicology followed naturally. It gives me pleasure to be able to draw on the experience I have gained over the years. The combination of “old hands,” who know what has already been done on the subject and what has worked and how, and the fresh ideas of the new colleagues is, in my opinion, the perfect mix for a team.

BASF is a big and complex organization, so don’t bury your head in the sand. There is so much knowledge in the company, so don’t hesitate to ask. Everyone started at some point. For my job, you also need perseverance: Bringing methods into the guidelines and working toward the OECD stamp, which is necessary for the regulatory acceptance of the alternative method, can be a very long process. However, the joy is all the greater when the goal is achieved.