Investments are a key driver of profitability for our targeted growth. To achieve our climate targets, we are also making targeted investments in modern and more sustainable technologies and processes. Our growth projects play a central role, particularly the new Verbund site in Zhanjiang, China, which we are planning from the outset as a pioneer for sustainability. We are continuously optimizing our portfolio through targeted acquisitions and divestitures.

By investing in our plants, we create the conditions for the profitable growth we strive for and continuously improve the efficiency of existing production processes. Investments in new technologies and in the transformation of our energy supply will help to achieve our growth targets and our ambitious climate targets. For the period from 2024 to 2027, we are planning capital expenditures (capex)1 totaling €19.5 billion, including €6.8 billion for our growth projects.2

We continued to drive forward our growth projects in 2023 and further expand our position in our three key regions: Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The Asia Pacific region and China in particular, which already has a significant influence on the growth of the global chemicals market with a share of around 50%, will continue to play a key role here. To serve the increasing needs of various growth industries in this region, we are continuously expanding our market position in China. One example of this is the construction of our new integrated Verbund site in Zhanjiang. In North America, among other things, we have been further expanding our production capacities in the isocyanates value chain in 2023. In Europe, the opening of the first colocated battery materials and recycling center at the Schwarzheide site in Germany was a milestone on our way to further expanding our position in this area.

Capex by segment 2024–2027


Capex by region 2024–2027


1 Additions to property, plant and equipment excluding acquisitions, restoration obligations, IT investments and right-of-use assets arising from leases

2 Major growth projects are the construction of our future Verbund site in Zhanjiang, China, as well as our battery materials activities.

Last Update February 23, 2024