BASF’s Coatings division offers innovative and ecologically viable solutions for the automotive industry, including both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and refinish markets, as well as surface treatment solutions for a variety of markets. BASF also develops and markets decorative paints in Brazil for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial buildings. The portfolio is supplemented by “Beyond Paint” solutions, which enable new applications with innovative surfaces. We combine protection and aesthetics with eco-efficiency in tailor-made products and processes.

Sales by region 2023 (location of customer)


Sales by direct customer industry 2023


Automotive OEM coatings solutions

BASF provides complete automotive coatings solutions, including a product portfolio of:

  • E-coats
  • Primers
  • Basecoats
  • Clearcoats

In addition to offering extensive technical support, BASF is a valued innovation and design partner for nearly all leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Automotive refinish coatings solutions

For the refinishing of passenger cars and trucks, BASF offers topcoat and undercoat materials sold under the global premium brands Glasurit® and R-M® as well as the value-for-money brands baslac®, LIMCO®, Norbin® and Yinfan®, which are sold to paint distributors and automotive repair shops. BASF is a leader in the fields of waterborne coatings and high-solid systems, enhanced by value-added services and tools for end users.

Decorative paints

For interior and exterior use in buildings, BASF offers decorative paints, marketed, for example, under the premium brand Suvinil®, which is one of Brazil’s best-known brands. With constant innovation launches, such as super-concentrated premium interior and exterior paint, Suvinil® continues to strengthen its role as a pioneer in the area of innovative paints.

Surface treatment solutions

BASF is a globally leading solution provider for applied surface treatment. Under our Chemetall brand, we offer customized technology and system solutions to protect metals from corrosion, facilitate forming and machining, allow parts to be optimally prepared for the painting process and ensure proper coating adhesion. These products are used in a wide range of industries and markets, such as automotive, aerospace, aluminum finishing and metal forming.

Automotive is the most important customer industry for BASF’s coatings business. The number of cars and light commercial vehicles produced globally is expected to grow moderately. The main growth driver is Asia – in particular China – where BASF is well-positioned to participate in the growth opportunities.


Source: Global automotive production forecast May 2023 (IHS Markit, now part of S&P Global)

The Coatings division holds one of the top three market positions in all strategic business areas in which it is active.

The main competitors (alphabetical order) include AkzoNobel, Axalta, Henkel, Kansai Paint, Nippon Paint, PPG and Sherwin-Williams.

Our innovation efforts for the automotive industry are focused on close partnerships with our customers in order to formulate, for instance, new coatings solutions for integrated processes and unique eco-efficient coatings. Additional research topics include improved products for new technology markets, such as functional films and environmentally friendly applications.

From 2021 onward

Product group Description Year
Automotive OEM Expansion of e-coat production in Greenville, Ohio 2022
Upgrade of e-coat application center in Münster, Germany 2023
Application center upgrade in Guadalajara, Spain 2023
Site expansion in Minhang, China 2023
Further resin capacity expansion in Caojing, China 2024
Capacity expansion for OEM coatings in Würzburg, Germany 2025
Construction of a production plant for more sustainable OEM coatings in Münster, Germany 2025
Refinish New laboratory facility in Münster, Germany 2022
Capacity expansion in Jiangmen, China 2022
New filling and packaging lines in Münster, Germany 2023
Surface treatment   New surface treatment site in Pinghu, China 2021

Global aluminum competence center in Giussano, Italy


BASF Coatings manufactures its products at more than 70 sites worldwide. The most important sites are listed below.

Product group Site
Automotive OEM Greenville, Ohio; Guadalajara, Spain; Münster, Germany; Shanghai, China; Tultitlán, Mexico
Decorative paints Demarchi and Jaboatão, Brazil
Refinish Clermont de l’Oise, France; Jiangmen, China; Münster, Germany; Windsor, Canada
Surface treatment Blackman Township, Michigan; Canovelles, Spain; Çayırova-Kocaeli, Turkey; Guissano, Italy; Langelsheim, Germany; Sens, France; Pune, India; Shanghai, China

VIANT is a new coating technology that combines conversion coating and a primer paint in one single layer.

A smarter approach to corrosion protection

VIANT is a new coating technology that combines conversion coating and a primer paint in one single layer. It is easy to operate and enables reliable corrosion protection on edges and inner surfaces. Compared to conventional coatings, VIANT results in a shorter process chain, resource savings and reduced running costs. It reduces the carbon footprint and comes with lower electricity, water and chemical consumption.


Last Update May 27, 2024