Service for Shareholders

On this page we would like to give our shareholders an overview of the different ways to inform themself on BASF and contact us.

Do you want to be regularily informed on news about BASF?

An overview on the upcoming dates you can find here

Publications and Reports

In our order center you may request our publications.

BASF Investor Relations Magazine

We publish this electronic journal four times a year immediately after the reporting dates.

BASF at a Glance (in German)

Accounting on a tablet computer, close-up

Online service for shareholders

Please take advantage from our online service for the Shareholders' Meeting and your access to the share register.

BASF share

Share price updates directly on your mobile

Investment calculator

Our stock manager allows you to calculate the most current value of your BASF portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update July 25, 2019