Stefanie Wettberg

Dr. Stefanie Wettberg

Senior Vice President Investor Relations

Lars Budde

Dr. Lars Budde

Deputy Head of Investor Relations

Institutional Investors in Europe (Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland)
Creditor Relations worldwide
Alexander Koehler

Alexander Koehler

Institutional Investors in Europe (Benelux, Germany, Ireland, UK), Middle East

Nirath Perakath

Nirath Perakath

Institutional Investors in Asia Pacific

Alex Sokolowski

Dr. Alex Sokolowski

Institutional Investors in North America

Benjamin Solms-Rusch

Benjamin Solms-Rusch

SRI Investors worldwide

Institutional Investors in Europe (Poland, Scandinavia)
Evelyn Ungen

Evelyn Ungen

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Share Register

SRI Investors worldwide
Andrea Wentscher

Andrea Wentscher

Retail Investors


Awards for the BASF Investor Relation Team


BASF SE Investor Relations

COI - D 100

67056 Ludwigshafen

BASF Corporation Investor Relations North America

100 Park Avenue, Florham Park
NJ 07932, United States

BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Limited Investor Relations Asia Pacific

45/F Jardine House
No. 1 Connaught Place, Central
Hong Kong
Last Update June 7, 2021