Financing Strategy

Our financing policy is aimed at ensuring our solvency at all times, limiting the risks associated with financing and optimizing our cost of capital. We preferably meet our external financing needs on international capital markets.

We strive to maintain a solid A rating, which allows us unrestricted access to money and capital markets. Our financing measures are aligned with our operative business planning as well as the company’s strategic direction and also ensure the financial flexibility to take advantage of strategic options.

Corporate bonds form the basis of our medium to long-term debt financing. These are issued in euros and other currencies with different maturities. Our goal is to ensure a balanced maturity profile and diverse range of investors, and to optimize our debt capital financing conditions.

For short-term financing, we use BASF SE’s commercial paper program, which has an issuing volume of up to $12.5 billion.

Last Update May 2, 2024