BASF “Plus” Incentive Share Program

The “plus” incentive share program was introduced in 1999 and is currently available to employees in Germany, other European countries and Mexico. Simultaneous participation in both the “plus” program and an LTI program is not permitted.

Employees who participate in BASF’s “plus” incentive share program and acquire shares in BASF as a personal investment from their variable compensation. For every 10 BASF shares purchased in the program, a participant receives one BASF share at no cost after one, three, five, seven and 10 years of holding these shares. As a rule, the first and second block of 10 shares entitles the participant to receive one BASF share at no extra cost in each of the next 10 years.

The right to receive free BASF shares lapses if a participant sells the individual investment in BASF shares, if the participant stops working for a Group company or one year after retirement. The number of free shares to be granted has developed as follows: 

Number of free shares to be granted




As of January 1 2,497,355


Newly acquired entitlements 1,239,700


Bonus shares issued -665,428


Lapsed entitlements 849,211


As of December 31 3,920,838


The free shares to be provided by the company are measured at the fair value on the grant date. Fair value is determined on the basis of the BASF share price, taking into account the present value of dividends, which are not paid during the term of the program. The weighted-average fair value on the grant date amounted to €45.88 for the 2023 program, and €47.74 for the 2022 program.

The fair value of the free shares to be granted is recognized as an expense with a corresponding increase in capital reserves over the term of the program.

Personnel expenses for BASF’s “plus” incentive share program totaled €26 million in 2023 and €20 million in 2022.

Last Update February 23, 2024