Sustainable Investments

We create chemistry for a sustainable future - this is our company purpose. In all our decisions and operations we strive to balance the three pillars of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental responsibility - to find the best available solutions contributing to a more sustainable future.


BASF shares are particularly attractive for investors, which incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria into their investment decision.
There is a growing awareness in the financial market that a company geared towards sustainable development can outperform peers over the long-term while minimizing risks.

By fully integrating sustainability into our strategic decision making, we will be able to generate many new business opportunities.

To create additional value for BASF we:

  • deliver sustainability excellence in our operations and our value chain.
  • connect, both within our team and society, to strive for sustainable solutions.
  • enable our customers to provide more sustainable solutions by innovating with our unique chemical expertise across industries.
Dr. Tim Balensiefer
SRI Investors worldwide
Benjamin Solms-Rusch
SRI Investors worldwide

BASF SRI Story October 2020

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Sustainable Portfolio Management

Analyzing our products' contributions to the sustainability needs of our customers' value chains

Sustainability Ratings and Rankings

More and more investors want to invest in stocks of companies that conduct their business in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

Last Update October 1, 2020