Our Sustainability Goals

We have set voluntary longterm global goals in the areas of economy, environment, safety, employees and society. Through these goals, sustainable development at BASF is transparent and verifiable.

  2023 target 2023 status More on
Achieve a return on capital employed (ROCE) considerably above the cost of capital percentage every year

> 9%



Grow sales volumes faster than global chemical production every year > 1.7% –8.4% More...
Increase EBITDA before special items by 3%–5% per year 3–5% –28.7% More...
Increase the dividend per share every year based on a strong free cash flow > €3.40
€3.401 More...

1 Dividend proposed by the Board of Executive Directors

  2030 target 2018 status 2023 status More on
Reduce our absolute CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 25% by 2030 (baseline: 2018)1

16.4 MMT

21.9 MMT

16.9 MMT


  2030 target 2022 status 2023 status More on

Reduce our specific 

COemissions (scope 3.1) by 15% by 2030 (baseline: 2022)2

1.34 kg CO2/kg raw materials 1.583 kg CO2/kg raw materials 1.61 kg CO2/kg raw materials More...

1 Scope 1 and Scope 2 (excluding the sale of energy to third parties). The target includes greenhouse gases according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which are converted into CO2 equivalents (CO2e). The baseline year is 2018.

Scope 3.1, raw materials excluding battery materials, services and technical goods, excluding greenhouse gas emissions from BASF trading business. Future adjustment of the baseline in line with the TfS guideline possible depending on the availability of further primary data. The baseline year is 2022.

The figure for 2022 was adjusted due to increased data availability.

  2025 target 2023 status More on
Cover 90% of our relevant spend with sustainability evaluations by 2025 90%



Have 80% of our suppliers improve their sustainability performance upon reevaluation 80% 82% More...

  2030 target 2023 status More on
Reduce our worldwide high-severity process safety incidents per 200,000 working hours to ≤0.10 by 20301




Reduce our worldwide high-severity work process-related injuries per 200,000 working hours to ≤0.05 by 20301




Introduce sustainable water management at our production sites in water stress areas and at our Verbund sites by 2030




1 We updated the safety targets in 2023.

  2030 target 2023 status More on
Increase the proportion of women in leadership positions with disciplinary responsibility to 30% by 2030




More than 80% of our employees feel that at BASF, they can thrive and perform at their best >80% 79%1 More...

We regularly calculate the employee engagement level. The most recent survey was conducted in 2023.

Last Update February 23, 2024