ELEMENTary – a BASF podcast

The BASF podcast "ELEMENTary" is about chemistry that connects - for a sustain­able future. We talk to experts from our com­pany, scien­tists, journa­lists, critics and influen­cers about topics that move you and us.

We’ll show you what we do as a com­pany and give you insights into the world of chemistry today - and tomorrow.


CEO Special with Martin Brudermüller: "You can build the universe with chemistry"

This is our first English episode for a very special guest: Thanks Martin Brudermueller for joining ELEMENTary! Martin is the CEO of BASF since 2018 and also took over the CEFIC presidency in 2020. In this episode, we spoke with Martin about the huge task to tackle climate change, the Chemical Industry in Europe, the ‘Green Deal’, but also about the many personal and professional insights he gained over the years. We learned a lot in this conversation – but hear for yourselves!

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