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Modern vegetable production and tradition: The farmers of Ortosole - Their story

Carrots, melons, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and many other vegetables are for many people a normal part of their daily diet – for others they are a luxury. Feeding the world with sufficient and healthy food using limited resources is a challenge today and it will become even more challenging in the future.

A vegetable producer in Italy shows how sustainable farming can look like, and how actions of today can prepare the way for long-term, sufficient and resource efficient food production. Ortosole, as the farm is called, is located near Rome. It is managed passionately by the Tiozzo family for generations.
Ortosole is part of the Farm Network, a partnership initiated by BASF. The family exchanges knowledge, tests and evaluates ideas with experts of agriculture and nature conservation who are also part of this network. Together they have developed and improved a biodegradable mulch film to keep competing weeds and water management under control.

Ortosole shows that high yield agriculture and a thriving environment can go together hand in hand.