March 3, 2016

BASF launches Maglis, a new online platform to help farmers improve crop management

  • Platform developed in cooperation with farmers and agricultural experts around the globe
  • All together in one place: agronomic information, IT solutions and BASF’s expertise in crop protection  

Limburgerhof, Germany – March 3, 2016 – Today, BASF has launched MaglisTM, an online agricultural platform set to become a key partner in helping farmers manage their crops. With the platform, farmers will be able to gather, interpret, and monitor a range of crop-related data that will support them in making better decisions on how to grow and market their crops. The launch took place at the Commodity Classic agricultural convention and trade show, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

“Maglis is an agricultural IT-platform with a variety of tools. Based on individual field and farm-specific data, it provides farmers with insights and supports with decision-making to improve crop management, allowing them to manage their farms more efficiently,” explained Reiner Emrich, Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing, BASF Crop Protection. By combining agronomic information with IT solutions and BASF’s crop expertise, Maglis makes it simpler and easier for farmers to understand their complex data, which in turn allows them to better manage their operations’ risks and optimize the return on their investments.

In the initial wave, Maglis is presenting three tools:

Maglis Customer Navigator: This tool will help BASF’s sales force engage and exchange with farmers in the field. Once farmers provide their field data, the tool will allow BASF to analyze and generate tailored plans that address farmers’ individual crop priorities, such as yield optimization, risk reduction, and efficiency improvements. BASF sales advisers will use the tool to guide crop-related discussions and work with farmers to create farm and field-specific crop plans and make recommendations.

Maglis Crop Plan: This offers a convenient and efficient way for farmers to monitor and manage field activities. As soon as the planned seeding date has been decided, Maglis Crop Plan oversees and connects information about local weather, soil conditions and weed, disease and pest warnings for farmers’ individual plans. With this information at hand, they can proactively manage their fields, as well as record and assign tasks to their farm team.

Maglis Sustainability Assessment: With the goal of helping farmers become more resource efficient, this tool demonstrates the impact of different agricultural practices on main sustainability factors, such as business profitability, soil health, biodiversity, among others. Growers can count on a comprehensive analysis of their operations from planning through harvest and will be able to compare their production practices to other benchmarks.

From synthetic fertilizer to modern crop protection, and now IT tools, BASF has been providing farmers with added-value technology for over 100 years. Today, farming is a dynamic, complex business that requires farmers to manage and interpret a wide range of farm and field-related information and data. With Maglis, BASF is strengthening its strategy of providing comprehensive solutions for crop protection. “Our confidence that Maglis will be practical, grounded and easy to use comes from how we developed it. We cooperated and discussed with farmers and agricultural experts from around the world to realize the idea of the platform. This approach ensures that what we deliver has a real value to the agricultural community”, concluded Emrich.

The new platform is data secure. Farmers will own their data and control how and to what extent it can be used. Initially, the Maglis Customer Navigator will be available in the United States and the Maglis Crop Plan and the Maglis Sustainability Assessment are currently being tested in a pilot phase in Canada. Further tools are under development and are scheduled to be launched in several other countries in the near future.

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