August 18, 2016

First-time use of Basotect® in acoustic unit with active and passive sound cancellation

  • HOWATHERM’s new silencer for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment utilizes an active and a passive component
  • Basotect® serves as the passive component and enables excellent acoustics and good fire safety

Basotect®, the lightweight melamine foam that contains no glass or mineral fibers is the material of choice for use in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) components of HOWATHERM, thanks to its outstanding noise absorption in the medium and high frequency range (500 Hz – 5,000 Hz). The foam is easy to process and contributes to both outstanding acoustics and, thanks to its fire resistance, a high level of fire safety.

“Owing to its very good absorption figures in the 500 to 5,000 Hz frequency range, we successfully use Basotect® melamine foam as a passive sound absorber,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Kaup, managing director HOWATHERM Klimatechnik GmbH. “Together with the active electroacoustic component, this material makes a crucial contribution to improving the sound damping values in the ‘Acoustic Unit by HOWATHERM®’ system.”

For active sound cancellation in the lower frequency range below 125 Hz, the electroacoustic component emits a sound with a wavelength that superimposes the targeted existing sound wave in such a way that, ideally, the two waves cancel each other out.

This system is used in specialty air conditioning equipment that is installed in buildings with stringent sound absorption requirements, such as theaters, concert halls, galleries and other venues in which acoustics may be of critical importance. Specialty air conditioning equipment influences ambient air by controlling temperature, humidity and air quality. This equipment fosters both air exchange and thermal air treatment in rooms and buildings

About Basotect®
Basotect® foam has a unique range of properties. Its base material makes it flame-retardant and abrasive; it can be used at up to 240°C and retains its properties over a wide temperature range. Because of its open-cell foam structure, it is light, sound-absorbing, flexible even at low temperatures, and thermally insulating. Basotect® is a registered trademark of BASF SE. More information: www.basotect.com

About BASF’s Performance Materials Division
BASF’s Performance Materials division encompasses the entire materials know-how of BASF regarding innovative, customized plastics under one roof. Globally active in four major industry sectors - transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods – the division has a strong portfolio of products and services combined with a deep understanding of application-oriented system solutions. Key drivers of profitability and growth are our close collaboration with customers and a clear focus on solutions. Strong capabilities in R&D provide the basis to develop innovative products and applications. In 2015, the Performance Materials division achieved global sales of € 6.7 bn. More information online: www.performance-materials.basf.com

The midsize company HOWATHERM Klimatechnik GmbH has 180 employees and focuses its core business on specialty air conditioning equipment as well as energy efficient solutions for ventilation and air conditioning technology for more than 40 years. Further information: http://www.howatherm.de/web/EN/


BASF’s melamine resin foam Basotect® significantly contributes to the passive sound absorbtion in the new “Acoustic Unit by HOWATHERM®”.

BASF’s melamine resin foam Basotect® significantly contributes to the passive sound absorbtion in the new “Acoustic Unit by HOWATHERM®”.

Last Update August 18, 2016