Trade News  |  July 12, 2022

BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions is leading support to Peugeot dealers in Europe

BASF Global Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions, a business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, is proud to partner with the European Association of Peugeot Car Dealers (AECP) for the upcoming years.

The AECP, which brings together dealers from eleven European countries, works hand-in-hand with Peugeot and Stellantis Group to establish professional guidelines for automotive retailing and ensure close collaboration between the brand and its network.

BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions offers premium value-added services to body shops in Europe and has been a partner of Peugeot for many years, particularly through its exclusive recommendation of R-M and Glasurit premium refinish paint.

This new partnership strengthens the long-standing ties and mutual trust that exist between BASF Automotive Refinish and Peugeot car dealer networks in Europe. It ensures that all AECP affiliates will benefit from the latest innovation of BASF in terms of the Eco-Effectiveness products range, best-in-class technical and consulting services, and digital innovations. BASF has recently launched the most environmentally friendly and efficient basecoat line in the market, R-M AGILIS and Glasurit 100 Line, as well as Refinity, a fully integrated cloud based-digital platform to centralize and facilitate the day-to-day operations in the body shops.

“This is a historic partnership for the AECP, and we are proud to have the support and confidence of BASF. Through this collaboration, we wish to offer the latest innovations to the entire Peugeot network in Europe that we represent. BASF is a major player in the automotive paint industry whose products are developed according to the highest environmentally friendly standards. The high quality of their products combined with a simplified and optimized paint application processes will bring a real added value to our dealerships and workshops“, says André Figueiredo, President of AECP.

Geoffrey Gustin, Global Strategic Account Manager at BASF Coatings, adds: “Our industry is changing fast and deeply. Today, more than ever, it is essential to support and be as close as possible to the Peugeot car dealer networks in Europe. BASF offers best-in-class services and innovative products such as our newest basecoat lines R-M Agilis and Glasurit 100 Line or our UV-drying range of products. These easy-to-use solutions have a massive impact on the day-to-day operations of our customers accelerating application time while reducing energy and material consumption, thus improving their overall profitability”.

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Global Communications
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Thibault Lebert
Secretary General A.E.C.P

About BASF’s Coatings division:

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About AECP (Association Européenne des Concessionnaires Peugeot) European Association of Peugeot Car Dealers:

Created in 1989, AECP is an association whose purpose is to develop, assert and maintain the bonds of friendship between the dealers of the Peugeot Network. Through the association, European dealers get to know each other better and exchange information useful to the exercise of their profession, take into account its evolution, adapt to regulatory requirements and the enlargement of the Community. Since 2004, a permanent General Secretary has been in charge of coordinating relations between the Brand’s European Division and its distribution network: the AECP members.

Jörg Zumkley
Jörg Zumkley
Media Relations BASF Coatings
From left to right/ de gauche à droite: Geoffrey Gustin, Global Strategic Account Manager, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions; André Figueiredo, President of AECP; Thibault Lebert, General Secretary of AECP.

From left to right/ de gauche à droite: Geoffrey Gustin, Global Strategic Account Manager, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions; André Figueiredo, President of AECP; Thibault Lebert, General Secretary of AECP.