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Smart Spraying Solution from Bosch BASF Smart Farming enters first series production at Dammann for Germany and Hungary

  • Reliable and easy-to-use crop protection sprayer for smart farming use
  • Effective weed management to provide optimum crop protection
  • Pinpoint herbicide application to support EU pesticide reduction targets

Buxtehude/Cologne, Germany – The Smart Spraying Solution from Bosch BASF Smart Farming will enter first series production at Herbert Dammann GmbH as of March.

Combining Bosch’s high-tech camera sensor technology and software, with the advanced digital agronomic decision engine of xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions, the Smart Spraying Solution will be integrated into Dammann’s range of intelligent crop protection sprayers. Available initially in Germany and Hungary, Dammann’s first crop protection sprayer for practical use featuring the unique weed management system is expected to be delivered in the spring.

"Farmers now have a reliable field sprayer at their disposal that provides optimum protection for crops, while being easy to operate and ready for immediate use," says Florian Gwosdz, Co-Managing Director of Bosch BASF Smart Farming.

The Smart Spraying Solution offers real-time, automated weed detection and precision spraying both on pre-emergence (“green-on-brown”) and post-emergence (“green-on-green”). As the sprayer passes over a field, the system in milliseconds distinguishes crops from weeds and controls individual spray nozzles with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures herbicide is applied in the right dose and only where it is needed. In addition, with its connection to the xarvio FIELD MANAGER platform, the system also offers farmers actionable insights and digital tools such as customized agronomic recommendations, weed distribution and as-applied maps, automated sensitivity levels and easy-to-use documentation that can be used for reporting purposes.

Konstantin Kretschun, Co-Managing Director of Bosch BASF Smart Farming, adds: "Introducing the Smart Spraying Solution to farmers in Germany and Hungary is an important achievement and step towards optimizing crop protection use. It also helps ensure future legal requirements and EU pesticide reduction targets are met.”

Delivering efficiency and supporting sustainable farming

Bosch BASF Smart Farming is the joint venture responsible for marketing and commercializing the Smart Spraying Solution technology worldwide. Global field trials in various locations under different agronomic conditions have shown that the Smart Spraying Solution delivers a more efficient use of herbicide without compromising weed control. This supports sustainable farming and improves resource efficiency, while helping to reduce environmental impacts.

"By integrating the Smart Spraying Solution from Bosch BASF Smart Farming with our intelligent field sprayers, we want to offer farmers an innovative technology for optimal weed management in the future. Only as much herbicide as necessary and as little as possible needs to be sprayed – this pays off financially as well as ecologically. This confirms our commitment to be at the forefront of innovation in European agriculture," says Nadine Dammann, Managing Director of Dammann GmbH.

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About Bosch BASF Smart Farming

Bosch BASF Smart Farming – a joint venture of Bosch and BASF – was established in 2021 to combine the best of two worlds: with the agronomic know-how from BASF and hardware expertise from Bosch, we create the farming of tomorrow, today. Combining precision technology, digital tools, and agronomic intelligence, we offer smart farming solutions that really work to make agriculture more productive, profitable, and sustainable. More information at: www.smartfarming.ag  

About xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions – a brand by BASF Digital Farming GmbH

xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions is at the forefront of the digital transformation of agriculture, optimizing crop production. xarvio® offers digital products, based on a global leading crop modelling platform. The technology delivers independent, field-zone-specific agronomic advice that enables farmers to produce their crops most efficiently and sustainably. The products - xarvio® SCOUTING, xarvio® FIELD MANAGER and xarvio® HEALTHY FIELDS are used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide. More than 100,000 farmers and consultants have signed-up for xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, setting-up a field area greater than 16 million hectares in 14 countries. xarvio® SCOUTING has been downloaded by more than 7 million users. For more information please visit www.xarvio.com or any of our social media channels.

About BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division          
Farming is fundamental to provide enough healthy and affordable food for a rapidly growing population while reducing environmental impacts. Working with partners and agricultural experts and by integrating sustainability criteria into all business decisions, we help farmers to create a positive impact on sustainable agriculture. That’s why we invest in a strong R&D pipeline, connecting innovative thinking with practical action in the field. Our portfolio comprises seeds and specifically selected plant traits, chemical and biological crop protection, solutions for soil management, plant health, pest control and digital farming. With expert teams in the lab, field, office and in production, we strive to find the right balance for success – for farmers, agriculture and future generations. In 2022, our division generated sales of €10.3 billion. For more information, please visit www.agriculture.basf.com or any of our social media channels.

About Bosch Group Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions is the largest division of the Bosch Group. In 2019, it contributed with 46.8 billion euros, accounted for 60 percent of operating sales. This makes the technology company one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry. The Mobility Solutions division pursues the vision of safe, sustainable and inspiring mobility of the future and bundles its competencies in the domains of personalization, automation and mobility management. electrification and networking. The division offers its customers integrated mobility solutions. The main business areas are: Injection technology and auxiliary units for combustion engines as well as a wide range of solutions for powertrain electrification, vehicle safety systems, assistance and automation functions, Technology for user-friendly infotainment and communication across vehicles, workshop concepts as well as technology and service for the automotive trade. Important automotive innovations such as electronic engine management, anti-skid ESP, or common-rail diesel technology come from Bosch.

The Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service company with some 400,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2019). In fiscal year 2019, it generated sales of 77.7 billion euros. Its activities are divided into the four business sectors Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading provider in the Internet of Things (IoT), Bosch offers innovative solutions for Smart Home, Industry 4.0, and Connected Mobility. Bosch is pursuing the vision of sustainable, safe, and exciting mobility.

With its expertise in sensor technology, software and services, as well as its own IoT cloud, the company can offer its customers networked and cross-domain solutions from a single source. The strategic goal of the Bosch Group is to provide solutions and products for networked life that either have artificial intelligence (AI) or are developed or produced with their help. With innovative and inspiring products and services, Bosch improves the quality of life of people all over the world.

Bosch offers "Invented for life. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in 60 countries. Including trading and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, development, and sales network covers almost every country in the world. The basis for future growth is the innovative strength of the company. Bosch employs some 72,600 associates in research and development at 126 locations worldwide. The company employs some 30,000 software developers.

More information is available at www.bosch.com, iot.bosch.com, www.bosch-presse.de, twitter.com/BoschPress.




Nathan Quigley
Nathan Quigley
Specialist Media Relations xarvio TM, BASF Digital Farming GmbH
The Smart Spraying Solution will be integrated into Dammann's range of intelligent crop protection sprayers and initially available for Germany and Hungary.
The Smart Spraying Solution will be integrated into Dammann's range of intelligent crop protection sprayers and initially available for Germany and Hungary.
A Dammann crop protection sprayer featuring the Smart Spraying Solution, with a field camera unit (central) and lighting units (each side) of the unique weed management system visible.
A Dammann crop protection sprayer featuring the Smart Spraying Solution, with a field camera unit (central) and lighting units (each side) of the unique weed management system visible.
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