Secure Email Communication with BASF

Email communication is an indispensable part of today's business cooperation. Confidential information which is exchanged via email should be protected. We are pleased that you wish to use the BASF Secure Email solution for communication with your BASF contacts.

CA Certificates and Trusted Introducer Key

Here you can find the BASF issuer certificates for secure S/MIME communication as well as the PGP key of the BASF trusted introducer for download – including their fingerprints:

  • S/Mime signer certificates:
    BASF Root CA 21
    Certificate fingerprint: 9f 77 71 bc db 6d f1 ab a0 8f 49 a4 85 c1 e1 3c 7d c3 37 6a
    BASF SUB CA 21
    Certificate fingerprint: 7b 64 d8 5d 31 78 8e 84 b9 4b 67 cb 67 00 d2 1a 57 fd 37 59
    BASF SUB CA 22
    Certificate fingerprint: 32 09 85 d2 0f 92 7d 8d 8f 8b 98 2d b2 c6 6d 2e a4 5b ff 2e
    BASF SUB CA 24
    Certificate fingerprint: 9A9B 130C 8188 74C8 7395 B82A 0322 5D77 8D7C 3273
    BASF Root CA 2
    Certificate fingerprint: C34D 7216 CE7E 857B 6099 64F8 DD42 1229 15D7 33DF
    BASF Sub CA 6
    Certificate fingerprint: 5AD5 F6B4 ECF8 5883 79A3 9579 67B7 BE6D D631 F9AA
    BASF Sub CA 1
    Certificate fingerprint: BB87 25EA 386D 264C 5A28 2D94 C339 0D69 6763 FC56
    Certificate fingerprint: D3C2 211F 13EE 824E D851 F286 84E8 C5B2 27BC BD5C
  • Trusted Introducer:
    Certificate fingerprint: DED8 53C8 80D8 D7CF BE81 13C5 6BE2 EECE 2FF7 E7C4  

Certificate Revocation Lists

Here, you find the current certificate revocation lists of BASF, which your S/MIME mail client might want to access during operation.


In case of questions or problems with Secure Email, please contact  

Secure Mail Gateway - Guide for External Parties