BASF’s Advanced Odor Reduction (AOR) technology redefining the meaning of Super Low Odor eco-friendly interior paints

Acronal PLUS 7679

The odor that is released into our living environment has both a health and economic impact on our everyday lives. The pungent smell makes the living space an uncomfortable environment to stay in, especially for families with little children and older members. Our Acronal® PLUS 7679 is specifically designed to combat the age-old consumer question, “why does my freshly painted wall still smell?”.



Using BASF’s Advanced Odor Reduction (AOR) technology, the Acronal® PLUS 7679 has overcome the pungent smell of the paint on our interior walls.  Through a three-step process, we leverage our chemistry expertise, process experience and technology, together with third-party institutions, we have been able to redefine what super low odor is in the market, with no compromise on your paint performance. 




Three steps of the AOR technology:

  • Chemistry
  • Process
  • Quality Control
Acronal PLUS 7679 process

Empirically defining the odor from our products

Collaboration with odor experts from third party institutions is important to understand the odor behavior of the Acronal® PLUS 7679. The exchange between the external odor experts and BASF in-house panelists is also particularly useful. Odor tests in the China Building Material Test & Certification (CTC) include not only the “odor intensity” (OI) but also “the odor dissipating time” (ODT), which is a durability test to measure how fast the odor would disappear at different curing times. The result from CTC is listed in Table 1. BASF’s Acronal® ECO candidate with AOR technology showed either better odor intensity or faster dissipating time than the premium commercial paints available in the market (as shown in Table 2).

odor intensity.JPG
odor intensity - OI.PNG

The all-in-one low odor solution

To date, the low odor concept designed by BASF together with the anti-formaldehyde and low-VOC emission profile in the Acronal® PLUS 7679 has been well received by the market. The innovation in the super low odor design leveraging BASF’s AOR Technology has allowed us to continue to push the boundaries of eco-paints. Together with our customers and partners, we will continue to be the leading pioneers in safe, healthy, and sustainable architectural coatings solutions.

Product properties

Acronal PLUS 7679 product properties.png
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