BASF binders for cellulosic fibers vastly improve important characteristics such as bonding strength and dimensional stability

In nature, cellulosic fibers make up the supporting structure of plant cells. Their excellent mechanical properties are particularly useful in finish foils, filtration or wall covering applications.


Filters help to protect the engine from various forms of dirt particles. Our AcroFiltrex binder series extend the operating time of your filter by improving durability and dirt filtration efficiency. Learn more about our binders offering below.

AcroFiltrex-redefining filtration with water-based binders


Filters play a key role in removing contaminants to protect engines. AcroFiltrex are water-based binders designed for better filtration and advanced protection.

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Application Properties

Acronal® 7216

Water-resistant and stiff

Acronal® 7236

Excellent hot water durability and wet strength

Acronal® 7266

Water-resistant and stiff, formaldehyde free

Acronal® 7267

Superior surface hydrophobic and stiff

Acronal® 7270

Flame retardant and high burst strength


Application Properties

Acronal® S 747 S ap

Hydrophobic, solvent resistant

Acronal® S 888 S ap

Hydrophobic, solvent resistant


Application Properties

Acronal® 7220

Hydrophobic, solvent resistant

Acronal® S 360 D ap

Formaldehyde free, high dry and wet strength for wallcovering

Product Application Properties
Acronal® 7250                                    Excellent heat aging resistance                                                                                     
Styrofan® 7210  Soft touching and excellent water resistance                                       
Styrofan® 7222 Excellent water resistance

Other types of nonwoven